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 Radiology applicants for 2009 match  

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yup its hard to predict could be any one's lucky year..!!!! grin so i am giving it a shot..
All the best guys..!!

my creds 98/99 /cs cleared/2007 grad/ usce in radiology/ EAD


Thanks a lot vegache, multani and ganesha.......lets be in touch and help each other....and as ganesha could be any one's lucky year


So you guys intend to apply only in Radiology or thinking about other fields to?


I'm going only for radiology only (+ prelim).

I initially thought of also applying to other specialty. But I just figured it could be double work (PS, LORs, etc...).


i will be applying to other specialities too.... i really want to match this year..even if its not radio... smiling face


i m applying to other specialites too....can't sit at home any longer....


Ganesha.....well then how will you get the if you are going for need prelim....and applying to prelim and categorical of same will you manage that....I also intend to apply to other programs, but just cant figure out how to apply to categorical and Prelim in IM..


i am dividing the colleges..the places where i will apply for prelim and categorical... so i will not end up applying to both in the same program..its a little hard work but i think its all worth it in the end.. you can try that too...nod


I guess I'll have to do the same...thank you..


bump.. grin


Hey how are you guys doing? I was away from a while taking step 2. Hopefully I did fine and results are back by first week of September! Now full throttle on ERAS and application. To how many rad programs are you guys applying? What's your backup?


i am havins soo much trouble with neuro and IM.. i am still to make it in radiology..but i will apply to atleast 10 programs...its kinda like my forbidden love..!! grin

all the best guys...!! nod


forbidden love, that's funny.

Are you applying to academic programs?


how advanced are you guys with the CAF and rest of eras application? I just began.


still working on personal statement, not much done on CAF...still have to search for programs.,....I am really slow...



Any body got any IV's? I got two notification emails...I guess it doesn't mean anything...anybody else got the same emails?

Good Luck to all future Radio's...


No IVs/rejections yet. Still waiting...


me too , no IV yet.


Nothing as yet......there is also a forum for IMGs in the match on guys should join that too, because it is much reputable radiology website...on the other hand it depresses you a bit to, because all the AMG"S have started to get interviews already



I have applied to radiology just for 30 programs. I don't know what are my chances but I have at least 16 months of doing research in Radiology department in two Canadian Universities. I don't think I can make it this year but I have also applied for Internal. May be that would make the job done!!!shaking head

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