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 Pathology 2009  

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to lcase1,

thanks for this encourgement.

Edited by profahmadpasha on Mar 08, 2009 - 2:09 AM


Hi, cherryho. !st saw your wonderfulful advice on the books you read for step 1 and how you passed and it really encouraged me. Am an IMG hoping to do Step 1 and 2 next year. Want to do pathology. Thinking of doing a Phd which Msc or Phd is advisable to do 1 st? Is it hard for IMGs to get into good Msc programs?


Hi samnjau,

Applying to PhD is somewhat like residency match, except that you can get multiple admission offers. You need high GRE and TOEFL (if you're from a non-English-speaking country), decent GPA, and some research experience. When I applied to grad school, I already knew I'd like to do a residency afterwards so I applied to path programs only. There are very few good path programs around the country (< 15u). Now I think back I do feel that I limited my self by making that choice. My advice is to apply to the programs that suit your interest, whether or not they are path. As far as I know, very few programs offer master degrees. Master is usually granted when students fulfill the basic requirements of the program (required courses, pass qualifier....).

It's hard for IMGs to get into a top graduate program w/o research experience. Getting some research experience in the US would greatly help (like USCE for Match nod ). I have a friend who got rejected by almost all schools he applied to the first year and decided to work as a tech in the US for one year. He worked for a big name and got some nice publications. The next year he got into Harvard. Sounds unbelievable. sticking out tongue


Hi, thanks for the advice...u really are my mentor. I love pathology. What path programs are these for some one to be inclined to do get into Pathology residency? Know how i can get a good research experience like your friend?



I am flattered to be your mentor. sticking out tongue

Generally, there are two kinds of graduate programs. One is the multidisciplinary integrated kind. Students don't need to choose a discipline of research until the second year. Examples: Harvard, UCLA (believe the program is called ACCESS). The other is a straight pathology program. Examples: Hopkins, Columbia (my school sticking out tongue), UCSD. To be honest, the two types of programs probably differ only in administrative support and financial source.

As for my friend, he just worked as a tech in a big name lab for a year. He seems to have an MPH from a top program which might help him to get this job. I am not sure. If you are interested, you can go to each institution's Human Resource's Website to look for the similar positions.


Hi, pardon my ignorance but:
Is it advisable to do a PhD program before applying for a pathology residency as an IMG?

Does one pay exhorbitant fees for the PhD program?

You had mentioned earlier that there are only 15 good PhD programs....which are they?

4. Do you have any other advisable way i can go about inoder to get into a good path residency?

Thanks so much and have a good day.


profahmadpasha wrote:

Help from experinced,


what questions do you have now?


Anyone matched pathology?
I checked the whole forum but couldn't see a post about it.


I got a prematch. grin So did lcase1 and vinnyboy.


I am finishing my residency this summer at CP and planing to do AP/CP in US, if I can pass the stupid Cs raised eyebrow

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