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 Pathology 2009  

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No. shaking head


1. The score is likely to go down.
2. need some time to prepare for the interview. I am thinking about doing an observership locally.


why do you think the score will go down?

you mean if we don't spend enough time preparing for it?

or any other reason?


I guess step 3 is harder than 1/2. I've been paying attention to people's scores. Very few people have higher scores on step 3 than 1/2.

Also what's the point to take it if I don't need a visa? The programs are going to view me differently if I have a step 3 score, let's say, 85? I've heard about some AMGs' discussion: if step 1 is > 230, do not take step 2 until Dec/Jan. The same argument for the step 3 case.




Ohio state:

applied last night. everything uploaded @ 10:30 pm except for USMLE transcript which was uploaded @ 4:30 this morning. Surprisingly, it was downloaded by the program 12 min later!! must be computer. Or the PC suffers from insomnia? raised eyebrow


I think the reason why step 3 scores are lower is that ppl usually take it when they already are in a residency. They don't care anymore about the score. They just want to pass. Anyway I might need a visa so I guess it really doesn't make a difference for me...I'm doing it! I let you how it goes. 99 or death!


I wrote a personal email to the PD of a local low-tier program to inquire about the opportunity of doing an observership. She sent me back a generic email with the generic "application information". WTF?! didn't even read my email. I am going to reject their iV if I do get one. mad


Dear all,

I `d like to know if there is any opportunity for old IMG in this competition? or

it is difficult to obtain residency in pathology after many years of graduation?

and if so, what is the best solution or alternative for those old IMGs,like me?

Many thanks



Yes there're definitely opportunities for old IMGs (look at how many IVs lcase1 has got!) but it all depends on your credentials and past experience.

Would you mind telling us a little bit about yourself (esp years post-graduation) so we might be able to give you better suggestion for your situation?



Here's what I think: if you are serious about applying, no matter what ppl in this forum say you will apply anyway. My suggestions is that you do whatever you can to boost your CV, get good scores, get step 3 done, do the TEFL, try to get good LORs and so on. And than you apply to as many programs you possibly can and prepare for your interviews. That's it. Very simple.

Best luck


grinthanks cherry, I am happy to be attached with the word "old", sounds like simliar to senile.....I may not be as old as you think......just kiding.

Indeed, the door is still open for those graduated from medical school more than 10 years ago (even 15 or 20 in some cases). If you love it, go for it.


Sorry lcase1 sticking out tongue. The definition of old is year of graduation > 5. So I am getting old too!


>5y shocked !!!

man!!! that means i am oooooooooooooooold raised eyebrow


I bet that among IMG there are far more old than young!


Alright. made some progress today:

1. applied to my school.
2. made one contact


Hello, I have been a silent reader at this forum for a year now. I am an IMG applying for Pathology, I worked for two years as a Histopathologist in my country. I have recieved only one interview so far, and not at a university affiliated hospitalshaking headRight now I am volunteering at the U of Michigan research labs. I am not ECFMG certified yet and I still don't have my CK results, Patience....Patience



Your unavailable CK and ECFMG certificate might be the reason you didn't get many IVs. I talked to a path resident before I applied. He had only one advice for me: get certified and apply as early as possible. For path, the certificate seems to be a requirement for most programs. Hope you'll get more IVs once you get your certificate.


How long does it take to get ECFMG certificate after the results are out?

I got my CK results, and am waiting for Step 1 result, which most probably will be out on Nov 1st.


ok, i answer for myself. i got it in 3 days !!!!!


Dear cherryho,

Thanks for this good omens.

Help from experinced,

Edited by profahmadpasha on Mar 08, 2009 - 2:09 AM

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