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 Pathology 2009  

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Hey I got the FedEx notice!! Finally submitted my application to 13 programs!! Good luck to everybody. nod


hey cherryho!

have a doubt. do we have to send any documents to the programs directly? like some of the programs ask for copies of medical school diploma. do we have to send these documents directly instead of thru eras?


Hi titly,

According to bbb, PC of an IM program, programs which ask you to submit anything extra should have instructions to tell you exactly how to do it. The programs I applied to don't seem to have this requirement (or I missed this?). If you can't find any related info on the Website and have doubts, always better to contact the programs.


Hi, forum newbie here

I have already applied. 2002-IMG, 2007-US PhD (immunology), four first authors publications in decent journals, currently a postdoc. Step scores around 90. US LOR's (pathologists and internists who happened to be on my phd committee). did a Path observership here. I am interested in university based physician scientist track programs and CP strong programs. PM me if you have similar interests.

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Hello all.
Congrats on the great thread.
I am in the process of applying to pathology for the 09 match.
Here's my personal info:
- IMG '06. US Citizen (no visa needed)
- Step 1: 87; Step 2 CS: Pass; Step 2 CK: 88
- ECFMG Certification in being mailed.
- 1 clinical rotation in US
- 4 US LoRs (2 plastic surgeons, 1 pathologist, 1 IM). 1 Local LoR (pathologist)
- My father is a US trained pathologist and has his Lab in my country. I have had significant work experience here.

I plan to apply to programs on the North-East, mainly NY, NJ, MA and PA. Most interested in NYC.
I would appreciate if someone could point to good programs which I could apply to with my credentials. Any other input is also welcome.



Well, my school, Columbia, has a pretty good program. Cornell and NYU are reputable as well. I heard bad things about Mt. Sinai from one of my friends. Her cousin transferred out of the program because he didn't like the training.

The Columbia program seems to be very proud of itself and thinks it's competitive (at least the Chair told me that). It offers 5 PGY1 positions every year, usu 1-2 of which will be filled by its own graduates. took very few IMGs in the past (1 in the past 3-4 years). I actually had a chance to talk to the Chair but he wanted me to give him my USMLE scores and CV first. I didn't plan to stay in NY so I didn't reply to him. But according to him, scores and CV (maybe for research experience) are very important. Research is a big emphasis. It even offers a research-oriented track.


hey guys,
gr8 thread
sorry for intrusion.
I havent yet graduated.will b doing so next year.
Img step 1 87 Step 2 right after grad and cs too
I have had 6 research projects no publications
I will b doing electives next year for the 3 lors at big names Yale CW etc
looking at you guys, i am getting unsure if i even have a chance?
And yes i am PR (GC holder_)
Do i stand a chance?
so many phds leave any room for fresh graduates wanting to enter pathology residency??


wht i understood was tht being a graduate and applying same year 10 grad/ 10 residency
Is a big plus, i hope!. Does clerkships at a place where u wish 2 match do you wonders. I am in the process of doing clerkships at big names bt where i wud probably nt match. Wud it b better to do clerkships in patho at Community hospitals where i have a better chance of matching?
thank you for your time.
GL and god willing all of u will have ur dreams come true!



I don't want to give you too much advice because I don't even know whether what I think is right. Doing electives in big name schools will look good on resumes for sure, but it seems to me that big name path programs don't quire care about the clinical experience. You will benefit from it more if you can impress the big guys there. I did two rotations in a pretty good univ hospital in the US so I know how it feels. It's not very easy to impress the attendings. So on the other hand, it might be a good idea to try some smaller programs. They might take you simply because they like you. You don't need a decorated CV to start with.


Some observations and thoughts:

1. The invitation was sent to my email account but there was no msg on MyERAS. I guess I'll just keep checking my email inbox instead of MyERAS from now on.

2. I didn't know that we can have multiple PS until I submitted my applications. I applied to two less academic programs and it was kind of stupid to tell them how much I love research. Also I wish I could've told some of the programs that my husband is looking for jobs in those cities.


Thanks cherryho. Another question, Is research really all that important if my future plans involve mainly surgical and molecular/inmuno path? I am not very fond of research and have not done any so far.


Based on my observations, I would think that scores and research are two important factors academic programs use to evaluate IMGs. Most academic attendings love research and that's why they like to pick people of their kind. I totally understand your feeling because my husband doesn't like research at all and wasn't well liked by his attendings when he was in the residency. But if you don't mind going to a less academic place, research won't affect you that much.


Congrats Cherry! You'll definitively get in the program you want nod

GOod luck all docs pursuing Pathology Match smiling face


Thanks Karime. Good luck to your observerships.


Thanks again cherryho. Im gonna have to keep my fingers crossed haha.



I'm sure your experience and your father's advice would get you into a good program. It's still early in the game! Wish you the best! smiling face


when do they actually start giving out interviews? i heard they start late for patho? how true is it? or should i start worrying now?confused


Well, some programs already started sending out IVs but most programs won't start till early October. So be patient. Good news are on their way. smiling face


I applied to 3 more programs in NYC today (not my school though) and a program in CA even though I have no California letter. We'll see. smiling face


Did anybody consider taking step 3 before interviews to boost CV? (Even if you don't need H1b visa) Do you think that's a good move?

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