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 Pathology 2009  

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I am starting this thread. Hope there will be some folks who will be applying for path just like me.

Let me introduce myself a bit:

Personal info
- IMG '03, PhD '08 in Pathology from Columbia University
- I am doing research in Parkinson's disease and might get a couple of publications
(papers under review). want to do anatomical + neuropath.
- Step 1: 251/99; Step 2 CS: Pass; Step 2 CK: 241/99
- 2 clinical rotations in US (rad onc and GI)
- 2 US LoRs from neurologists in my current department; 1 from an internist from my
med sch
- I am a permanent resident. No need of visa.

I might apply to about 10-15 programs. If I don't match this year I'll just go become a postdoc.

Edited by cherryho on Sep 07, 2008 - 12:28 PM


I will be applying too!

Passed step1 88

Appeared for CS in May

CK will give in last week Sep.

Have 4 USLOR: 3 PhDs/1 MD neurologist.
Neuroscience research experience of 4 yrs and 3 yrs biomedical engineering research experience with total 1st author publications of 9 (with 2 book chapters) in US. Have 6 mnth USCE untill now and actively involved in a clinical research project in neurology.

Have u shortlisted where to apply yet. Any idea which are IMG friendly programs!


Hi niltan,

Nice having you join the thread, esp you are a neuroscientist too. smiling face

I am jealous of your publication. I am submitting my manuscript soon and hope to get something out of it.

I probably will apply for 10-15 programs since I am location limited. My husband told me he probably won't take the job in Houston so now I am looking at other places like Nashville, Dallas, Birmingham, etc. I'll apply for some programs on the East coast since I went to graduate school there and know the place. I I'll post my list once I'm done with my CK. As far as I know, most pathology programs have no problem taking IMGs. What I want to know is actually which ones are "IMG unfriendly". I am lucky to have a Green Card so visa won't become an issue for me.

I got 3 LoRs: two from neurologists from the school where I got my PhD and one from an internist from my home country.

The residents I contacted all told me to apply early. So I am cranking up for CK w/ very little time left. rolling eyes

Good luck for everything. And hope we can both get into the programs we want.


hey guys lets realy keep this thread alive.

even i plan to apply for patho. i know it very competitive. but i luv patho so i just have to get it.

can u tell me which all are the good programs for path

my creds are 82/88/cs pass/step 3 pass.

i need visa. have no usce. sticking out tongue

lets make a list of programs we all are going to apply to. and if anybody knows which programs are IMG friendly dat will be really helpful.


nice to hear from u cherryho and titly .....

Do you think it will be a bit late to give CK in last week of Sep ...... i cannot help it since i have a full time job and am not ready yet to give it in a hurry.

When are u giving ur CK ... cherryho!

The most imp question to u guys ...... how is the job scene in pathology .... any inputs!!
The forums scare me!


Hi niltan,

I contacted several people (including a pathology resident) and according to them, getting certified ASAP is actually the most important thing. Because of their advice, I took CS on July 1 w/ only 2 weeks of preparation (Fortunately, I passed). I also got my CK done last weekend. I felt so exhausted after finishing all exams plus my thesis and defense in a 7 mon time frame.

According to the people I contacted, late sep for CK is a bit late. But it all depends on which programs you are applying to. Some programs care less about scores other than Step 1, but quite a lot of them require certification for IMGs. If you're not ready, it's not worth risking a chance. You can only do what's the best for yourself.

I very much want to continue an academic career and the research potential of a program is definitely my primary consideration. I probably will apply for 10-15 programs and my preliminary list is as follows (as of 8/28),

- Columbia (my school)
- Wash U
- Duke
- LSU-Shreveport (don't want to go, apply as a courtesy)
- Vanderbilt
- Emory
- Baylor
- Methodist/MD Anderson Joint Program
- UT Southwestern

I might apply for Duke and Wash U but I don't have a strong tie there.

I know I am shooting high but if I can't get into a strong research-oriented program, I'd rather become a postdoc in those places.

Edited by cherryho on Aug 28, 2008 - 9:13 AM


hi everybody

me: 99/88/pass

4LORs (3 path US)/path experience/4 publications

want to take step3 I am studying (so I will prob be absent)/ need visa

I want to encourage you, you have great credentials, and I am jealous for your research experience in neuro ( i am thinking at neuropath also).

to cherryho: don't be afaraid to shoot high! smiling face

I am happy for this tread!

Good luck to everybody!




Thank you for your encouragement. You have a very strong research background in pathology. I am sure it will be a big plus for your application. Wish you the best and let's share info and support each other for the Match.


not sure if i will be ready for this match. step 2 on sept 23rd and step 1 on oct 7th. its damn late. i curse myself for all this. didn't plan properly. anyways, i will watch this thread closely.



Nice to have you join this thread. didn't know you are applying for pathology too. smiling face

Whether you decide to participate in Match 2009 or not, please continue offering your opinions to keep this thread alive.


Hi, everyone, a great thread here. I am also a 2009 path applicant, old IMG, 2006 us Ph.D, step 1 and 2 240 average. 2 observations and 3 us LORs. Currently work as a post-doc in department of pathology at a top medical institution. 10 pubications and 6 1st author ones. Major interested in cancer biology, so future focus will be surgica path or hematopath and moelcular path. Also interested in academic-oriented career. Weakness is that I am a old IMG (I had graduate medical training in my home country) and no strong clinical path experiences.

Cherryho, you seems a very strong candidate and I believe you can get the IVs from any program you want as long as they are IMG friendly.

Alright, keep the thread alive!


Welcome lcase!

You guys have so many publications!

According to my research, only a few programs have graduation year limit. Which year did you graduate from med sch?

I haven't submitted my application yet due to the certification status. If everything moves as scheduled, I should be certified next week. The decision regarding application submission changes day by day. sad Two seniors told me to go ahead and my husband (he is very senior) told me not to. don't know what to do now.


I just finished my personal statement (so late sticking out tongue) and might submit my application tomorrow.


I suggest to apply asap too. The thing with the certificate is that if you passed all the exams ofcourse you are certified (they should be crazy to refuse your application....especially with your incredible scores). Anyway the information with the certification is in your Profile (myeas) and that can be modified as soon as you get a notice from ecfmg. Ecfmg sends those transcripts anyway as soon as they release that certificate. So I would apply in your place asap.

A friend of mine asked me the same q, saying that the programs jave filters for the certification. But for me doesn't make sense. Because many applicants are awaiting for their results, and th application period is not finished yet, so just doesn't make sense to put a filter like that. The idea is to have your application "in" asap...because there are many applicants and program directors just don't look at the applications arriving late.

Good luck cherryho. Think really well and make a decision. I am sure you will be fine because your credentials are impressive...but don't sleep on one ear, as a saying sais, be prepared asap. I wish you good luck!!!


Hi, cherryho, icase,

I also got PhD from a US school, But you know many of US schools are actually not good or well respected (especially ranked behind 40-50). my friends told me that only PhD from a respected university will help more in matching.

so if you write something like this (PhD from top 20 or top 30 or ranked behind 50 US schools etc), it could be more informative. because US PhD does not make any sense.



Thanks for the info. I believe it's true. I got my PhD from Columbia University so I am not worried about my school. sticking out tongue


thanks cherrho

this must be much more informative than US PhD, espeically in pathology program.

school reputation will carry some weight.


GRB07, I graduated from a well-respected school by any ranking. While i can see your point and partially agree with you, I am not sure how much weight school reputation carries. Actually, if the program really want to evaluate your research ability, school reputation is really secondary. Personally I think USMLE score and committment/interest/experience you can how are most important two factors to get IVs. LOR and Ph.D and research are also important but not as much as the two. Of course, every program has different personalities so they might interested in different things. Just my 2 cents.

Again, this is a great thread, and I can really feel the spirit of support here.



Sure score and graduation years will be more important. but pathology is a little different from other clinical departments. PD care more academic records.

Imagine, a Harvard graduates certainly will be looked at favorably. even his/her score is not perfect.


There are harvard medical school graduates going to small community program, let alone Harvard Ph.D..I really believe it is not where you come from matters the most, it is who you are. If you are looking for academic job, people tend to look at what did you do, which lab are you coming from, rather which school you are coming from. Again, I understand your points and maybe some PDs have the same oppinions, but not all of them.

I suggest we should discuss more about what we can do, not we have already done. Best luck in match, GRB07!

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