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-Do Not post NBME questions without the heading that they are NBME questions including the form (1,2,3,4,5, or 6). Please help your fellow friends, and let them too have the chance to know where they stand.

-This forum has been running for years. Almost every question their is regarding USMLE Step 1 has already been asked and answered. Please use the SEARCH tool before composing a new thread.

-Be courteous. It goes a long way.

-Respect copyrighted information.

-Stay on topic.

-Do not adveritse.

-Use the "report bad post button" located on top each post to report inappropriate posts so moderators can take action.

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-Rate the best MCQ resources for USMLE Step 1:

-Rate the best review books for USMLE Step 1:

-How to create a study plan for the USMLE --- Free E-book:

-How many Qs correct to get a 99? How are exams like USMLE made?

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New take on three digit scores and percentiles (by genbot):

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