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 Exceptions to confidentiality?  

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Are these exceptions to confidentiality?

1. Woman wants an abortion and doesn't want to tell her husband who wants children.
2. Man wants a vasectomy and doesn't want to tell his wife who wants children.

In both cases if the other partner wants to have a child but the one undergoing the procedure doesn't, do you have to tell the partner? Or is it your duty to keep confidentiality?


DrVirgo wrote:
Or is it your duty to keep confidentiality?

I guess this is the Pt's right to have this treatment... And there is no obligations to disclose it to the partner, especially with respect to vasectomy... As for abortion, where are many moral issues that make this story complex, but it is a woman's right to be pregnant/remain pregnant...

I know that the doctor will turn the Pt back and ask to weight all pros and cons of the procedure with the partner... If Pts was undecided about his wish, he will not come back... But, if he comes, you are to sign the order/referral...

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