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 NBME Important q and confusing  

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16 years old boy come with his mother to the office . His mother concern and think her son has drug problem. His PMof athma andhe is currently using albutarol inhaler before exercise. He admit he used to drink alcohol in the past, the mother claim her son deteriorate from school and has bad friend. The boy’s father is divorced and have alchol and drug problem. The boy older brother abuse cocaine for 2 years. Mother pulls you aside and want to test her son of drug without inform him. Your best response?
a) Agree to do toxicology screen but review the result to patient first before his mother
b) Agree to do toxicology screen only if and after discussing it with the patient , he agrees to the test
c) Agree to do toxicology screen without patient knowledge asmother request
d) Decline to do screen as you do not want to get envolved in the middle
e) Decline to do screen without court order


either b or

c coz he is minor?

any inputs?


guess for C


whats the answer here folks?




C , I Think he's minor




the answer is B
minors can refuse tox screen, even if their parents want to.
If they agree to get it, then you have to talk to the patient first and encourage him to tell that to the mother. If patient refused to talk to the mother about it you should tell mother that she can ask patient herself

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