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22. A 24-year-old man is brought to the emergency department by police 1 hour after his ex-wife

found him stumbling around in the yard. His blood pressure is 100/70 mm Hg, pulse is 90/min, and

respirations are 16/min. The pupils are equal and reactive to light; the sclerae are injected. During

the examination, he laughs without obvious reason, makes religious statements, and asks if there is

anything to eat or drink. Mental status examination shows a broad range of affect; there is no

evidence of thought disorder except for mild paranoia. Which of the following is the most

appropriate next step in management?


) Observation in the emergency department


) Intramuscular administration of naloxone


) Intravenous administration of 50% dextrose


) Intravenous administration of lorazepam


) Oral administration of chlorpromazine


IV Lorazepam?


this is marijuana..isnt it?

patient is not tht y lorazepam? why not a?


A - wait, observe, offer patient something to eat/drink (obviously he is hungry and thirst ;-), as long as the patient is not agitated/aggressive...


Injected sclerae = key word for marijuana.
Patient not agitated, A rolling eyes




D.Lorazepam , is given in low dose

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