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 Microbiology & Immunology Mnemonics Only!  

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Here's a couple:

For Ig's:

"Pepsi Can"

If you treat an Ig with Pepsin it can still agglutinate.

Gene rearrangement for heavy chain production:

At a party, first you meet the DJ, then you get the VD.

D-J gene joining comes first, then V-DJ joining and at the end VDJ-C


haha nice 1


Wiskott- Aldrich Syndrome (WAS) - triad- W-Weeping skin lesions- eczema
A- Absent platelets- thrombocytopenia
S- Severe immunodef. of B and T cells


transplants that DO NOT require immunosuppression-
Cornea C
Uterus U
Testis T
Brain Beclamethasone
Thymus Treatment.

these organs lack lymphatic channels.... hence no chance of antigens reaching sec. lymphoid organs for rejection.


question please any one help in this question:
Is it possible that your blood type change like from type O to type B????

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