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 Biochemistry Mnemonics Only!  

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Urea cycle intermediates:

Ordinarily, Careless Crappers Are Also Frivolous About Urination



Aspartate (enters the cycle)


Fumarate (leaves the cycle)


Urea (leaves the cycle)

-from FA-


Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome: (LNS)

Lacks Nucleotide Salvage (purine).

-from FA-


HDL --- H --- Healthy

LDL --- L --- Lousy


mnemonic for essential amino acids:

His Lyttle pharm is value



most important TPP ( thymine pyrophosphate ) dependent enzymes -


1. pyruvate dehydrogenase
2. alpha keto gluterate dehydrogenase
3. transketolase.


amiNo aCids are linked NH2 to COOH


i know there are others ... but here goes...."These Ten Valuable Amino Acids Have Long Preserved Life In Man."

(Threonine, Tryptophan, Valine, Arginine, Histidine, Lysine,
Phenylalanine, Leucine, Isoleucine, Methionine) nod


just got it from someone. not my own


x linked diseases
We Love ABC......
W - Wiscott aldrich
L - Lysch Nyhans
A - Agammaglobulinemia
B - B and A Haemophilia
C - chr granulomatous disease/ color blindness
D - Duchenes/Diabetes Insipidus
E - mmmm empty
F - Fragile X syn
G - Glucose 6 po4 DH def
H - Hunters

hope this helps
smiling facesmiling facewinkwink


good 1 sureshrx nod


GAVLIST For Your World. Don't Nuke Everyone Quickly, Kremlin! Russia Has Chernobyled Many People.

Note: This originated in the '80s, around the time Glasnost was a popular expression and the made-up word GAVLIST is derived from that. It was silly then and now, but it may be the only thing I can recall from biochemistry to this day!


This is an old one that you probably remember from undergrad biology but here it is anyway;


(See hopkins cafe mighty good)

C =Carbon
H= Hydrogen
O= Oxygen
P= Phosphorus
K= Potassium
I = Iodine
N= Nitrogen
S= Sulphur
Ca= Calcium
Fe= Iron
Mg = Magnesium

I am also seeing a lot of Amino acid Mnemonics???

There are only 20 common AA's
8 Nonpolar
7 Polar uncharged
2 Anionic
and 3 Cationic.

Structures help remember which is which.

You guys are supposed to be bioCHEMISTS


hey a mnem on my name !!!!
hmm thats col dude..
i wont dare to forgetnod
hmmm thankswink


helloo guys


" He, His Brother and Dupree are Watching X-men(Rated) in Father's LG tv.

Hemophilia A and B, Hunter's syndrome, Bruton's dse, Duchen Muscular dystrophy, Wiscott-Aldrich syndrome, Fabry's diease, Lesch-Nyhan syndrome, G6PD deficiency.

X-men Rated, for X link Recessive.

Fragile is not included as it is controversial, some say dominant, others say recessive and kaplan notes saying dominant


No Man Picks ( Neimann Picks) his nose with hisSPHINGer (SPHINGomyelinae deficiency )

Tay-SaX ( Tay-Sachs) lacks HeXosaminidase

From FA


I m having hard time to memorize vitA tox. help please, anyone?


Just a couple about lysosomal storage diseases:

"Fabry's Game Not Too Kind, Makes Him Hide"

Fabry's disease, Gaucher's disease, Niemann-Pick disease, Tay-Sachs disease,
Krabbe's disease, Metachromatic leukodystrophy, Hurler's syndrome, Hunter's syndrome

A way to differenciate between Hurler's and Hunter's syndromes both accumulate Heparan and dermatan sulfate)

HURLER: developmental delay, gargolylsm, airway obstruction, corneal clouding,

alfa-L-iduronidase deficiency

HUNTER: Mild Hurler's + more aggressive behavior, no corneal clouding.

(as a hunter you need to be aggressive and you need an eagle's gaze (clear cornea)

IduronaTe sulfaTase deficiency.

(List and details from FA)


for cystineuria in u can use COAL to remember which amino acids build up.
lack of b12 leads to VOMIT , u can remember those a.a as well..


Triple AAA Conquers ggGPS:
A- alanine

His Hotline 333 : jer 33:3

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