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 ethics 11 to 20  

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Want to say thanks to Usmdee ... much appreciated ! smiling face


I am confused about answer of Q 18.He is mentally incapable of making any decision,does not matter what ever his age is.If he cannt take decision for himself then we should ask family.Please ,give your opinion.


could somebody please explain the question # 13 'You are the staff physician in a state penitentiary in a state where capital punishment is legal. An execution is in progress .............. ' and the question of organ donation (organ donor card) ?? please.........


11. E. Only the organ donor network asks for donations.

12. E. When it comes to organ donations, one cannot rule out the family wishes.

13. C. A doctor does not participate in any kind of execution, ever.

14. A. Quoting from Dr. Fisher's book, "USMLE Medical Ethics", 2006 Ed.

p.62. "There is an automatic presumption that gifts from industry always carry an influence toward the product, service, or prescribing practice."

p.142: "Acceptable gifts from industry are never tied to particular practice patterns, specific drug prescribing habits, or any expectations of practice behavior change particular to a specific product. Industry may spnsor educational experiences as long as they are not restricting the content in any way. Besides modest meals, the other forms of aceptable gifts are those with direct educational or medical value that enhance the care of patients. Direct monetary payments for simple participation are not acceptable. In this case, the gift of a stethoscope will only enhance patient care. The gift certificate is acceptable because it is to a medical school bookstore. A gift certificate to a department store would not be acceptable. The value of gifts should generally be small, which is defined at present as being less than $100 in value. Gifts should not be geared merely to entertainment. Tickets to concerts or sporting events are not acceptable. Pens, notepads, and small pieces of medical equipment such as stethoscope or reflex hammer are acceptable. "

15. A

16. B

17. D

18. C

19. B

20. A

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