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 phsychiatry Q  

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A 45-year-old business executive with advanced cirrhosis of the liver and a history of alcohol abuse claims that he does not have a problem with drinking and can quit any time he wants to.  Eventually he quits drinking but continues to have the symptoms of advanced cirrhosis of the liver.  Despite the obvious discomfort caused by his illness, he tells everyone how happy he is to have cirrhosis because it has led to the cessation of his drinking.  The defence mechanism he is using is best identified as

1)    projection.

    2)    denial.

    3)    counterphobic behaviour.

    4)    reaction formation.

    5)    isolation of affect.

answer is 2 or 4 ??? any explanation ?


I think he could not be denial since he eventually stopped his drinking behavior but since she could not stop the cirrhosis , he is trying to find a way to deal with it

so I think it s reaction formation



I think he is denying cirrhosis is a problem. The same way he denied drinking was a problem, then stoped drinking and is "happy about it".


4 - adopting opposite attitudes to avoid personally unacceptable emotions, i.e. unconscious hypocrisy


REACTION FORMATION(same as hero) Adopting opposite attitudes to avoid personally unacceptable emotions. The sentence states "despite the obvious discomfort he said that he is happy(absolutely opposite)---------> 4


Thank yousmiling face


schizophrenia.....eugene bleuler


reaction formation

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