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 Why is General Surgery not competitive?  

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I was wondering why General Surgery is not a competitive specialty even though you can then take a fellowship of Cardiothoracic or Vascular Surgery!!


what are you talking about... it is considered competitive... specially this year!!! raised eyebrow


yeah what are your sources because surgery is crazy competitive this year!!!


Surgery not competitive??shockedshockedshocked
Was I dreaming or was I in some other world till now??raised eyebrowraised eyebrow
I want to change my match aim from IM to surgery if it's the case.nodnod


I meant its not as competitive as Derm, Radiology, ENT..etc


FaddyAcids wrote:
I meant its not as competitive as Derm, Radiology, ENT..etc

You think GS is not competitive, if after getting 99s in steps 1and2 & 84 in step3 , having a PhD, 3 papers as first author, USCE, and rock solid LoRs, I have only 2 categorical interviews so far!!??

Well, if this level of competition does not suit your type A personality buddy, i suggest you apply to ENT, Derm, or Rad.......and keep your a$$ away from this thread.

And, btw, if you think I'm angry, you have no f***ing idea...........


I think ur very much overreacting!!
You can look at percent fill 99.8 general surgery,, only 9.9 unmatched applicants,,, MEAN STEP 1/2 are 222/226 respectively..


you do realize that CT and vascular is a semi-dead specialty due to turf wars

ENT, derm and radio offer great lifestyle, big money and GS cant counter that

to Bitterpill, if you don't mind pls tell what kind of USCE u v got? observership or hands on? for how long?


Faddy acids, you are talking shit.
The competition for GS is increasing every year.
It is true that is not as competitive as derm, plastics, neuro or orthop... but I know people with 99's and no freaking Interviews... now if you want to get more Philosophical about it go to a Derm forum to see what they say and stop talking shit.


hey chill out guys;will ya.smiling face

BTW can someone tell me the difference between preliminary and categorical for any program.Thank you.


You go into categorical programs if u will continue training in a subspecialty (fellowship), for example if ur seeking cardiology, GI..etc after IM.

You go into preliminary either if u dont get a categorical spot or if the specialty u want requires one year of training before the program itself..or if ur not sure about what specialty to chose.


so... in an easy way to understand it...
categorcal position means that you will have a spot reserved for you in that same program the next year...
preliminary is just one year commitment, you'll see what happens the next year you will be on your own... it is hard to get a categorical position after a preliminary, but at least you have one year of USCE on your CV, and depending on your visa status you might match again with less difficulty.
I hope it helps.


For those of you who have done a prelim year in surgery...does it really open up additional doors on the 2nd time around when applying? I'm just curious because I've been getting mixed information. Just curious..smiling face



general surgery still competetive

but not as the past

some may say no it is crazy competetive but i think this is because the credentials of the whole pool of applicants r very high this year


It is better having a prelim than nothing, at least you have one year of experience.
There are no positions warranted for prelims, in the same program... however, there are chances that someone quits, OR that the budget for that year in that program opens up a position (it might happen)... (or if they consider you as a real need for the program (weird but happens)).
Some programs have Prelims for second year, and some for THIRD year (some)...
Some programs will ask you to repeat your prelim if you want a categorical, some programs will give you a second year pelim, and some will say just goodbye...
It's tough out there... Good Luck.


Thanks guys.i get it now.


nothing more


General Surgery not competitive?...HAHA! i guess you meant prelim surgery bcos categ is unbelievably competitive.


categorical surgery is very competitive. specially for IMGs .

chances of an IMG matching in cat surgery are not impossible but are virtually slim to none.


What are the chances of someone getting into a Uni prelim surg and then trying his luck next year? I know that ghetto prelim surg positions are as useless and demeaning to IMGs as gulags were for unfortunate people who perished in there, but what abt someone getting into a uni prelim? Obviously, no one can predict exact chances but does it play better overall for people who toil in a uni prelim position?

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