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 pediatrics Interviews and Rejections  

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Rej: John Hopkins


this has been a dry week. no IVs at all. is it that the programs have already sent all interview invites, or we may get some more. pls throw light on this matter.


It's been a dry week for me as well. I sorta have the feeling most programs have already sent out interviews. The invites we're probably going to get are from programs that had cancellations. I'm going to be thankful for any invite I get from now on, but I am not going to count on many more... sad...


same dry inbox too.lolz.i met someone today who told me she applied for Peds and had received over 20 IVs, n my jaw dropped open.I didn't have enough time to get specifics from her. it seems a lot of programs have sent out IVs already.I'm still hopeful though.


i every 1. i have passed my step 3 with a score 212 (88). is a good score to get an H1 visa? will it help me 2 get more IVs or will it count against me that i given it so early (i read something on some other forums about not giving step 3 early). anyways, i cant do anything abt it. my scores have reached all the programs?

kindly guide me



Rej: Northwestern, Cincinnati Childrens Hospital.shaking head


hi all, finally my first IV from metropolitan hospital ny..can anybody temme aboutthis program..i dont know anything about this program..thanks


i applied on 23 october.. and have received three rejections in two days smiling face sinai baltimore, east Tennessee state university and Connecticut children's medical center. But still hoping


Anyone with iv experience at newark beth?


got a new rejection from University of virginia Medical Center today shaking head


Rej: Yale-New Haven, Univ of Virginia


Good luck everyone!


Rejection from Michigan State University Pediatric
Residency Program at Sparrow Hospital


Rej: Medical College of Georgia, Michigan State Univ(Sparrow)


rejection michigan state univ(sparrow) and also U of toledo

no iv so far sad


rejection from Michigan state University too


Four of us can become colleagues because we all are rejected from Michigan State U.


Lol@snowdrops. True. We can all find solace in our sorrow. it's been raining rejections all week. but I'm still hopeful...wink


Good attitude. I like that.


IV - Our Lady of the Lake, LA....grin

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