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 pediatrics Interviews and Rejections  

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hmm, i also applied to nymc westchester, but haven't heard from them.. congrats jimmy! smiling face
aagh, silent inbox for a week now. sad


Thanks, I'm excited about Westchester. You have a good collection of great invites already and I'm sure more are coming. It's been a really quiet week for me too, which is quite quite scary. I hope a majority of my interviews are coming... instead of already came... GL to all!




It's been such a boring week! hoping for a more lively one next week.nod


hi everyone. i am new to prep4usmle.

my credentials r as follows: step1:93, step 2CK:99, csass (Ist attempt), step 3:88 (ist attempt). MD pediatrics from mumbai, india. graduated in 2005 may. nedd visa. no USCE. no US LOR.

I got 11 IVs till now.

Univ programs: Buffalo, SUNY downstate, Chidrens hosp of michigan, Univ of Iowa

Community affilated to Univ programs: Albert einstein, PA, Harlem NY, Mt sinai elmhurst NY, monmouth NJ, sparrow hosp michigan, hurley medical center michigan

Please let me know if i can get more IVs, mainly from Univ programs?



hi nikpat! welcome to the forum! smiling face

did you apply to university of maryland program? they accept IMGs, and prefer those who finished pediatrics training.


Invite: TULANE!

I know this isn't a top tier academic program, but I'm really excited to check out New Orleans!


You have lots of good things going for you and a good number of invites already! I'm jealous of your CHOM! You'll definitely get more in the next 2 weeks!


IV - Mt Sinai, Chicago...smiling face


Rej: UT, Vanderbilt

Eh, worth a shot. Hopefully tomorrow evens out with some invites. Congrats DivaMD, seems Chicago is treating you well!!


Thanks, Jimmy. I appreciate the Chi-town love, but I hope it extends to ranking.Lol. Congrats to you too, and hoping tomorrow brings us all good luck!


Rej: Univ of Maryland by 5 am this morning.wth???weren't they supposed to be sleeping by then?...Lolz...Hoping for a better week...nod


I guess their time zone is ahead of yours.


A 5am rejection does suck. But the week is still young! GL DivaMD!!


@Snowdrops: I think it's only an hour difference.
@Jimmy: true.hoping for the best.thanks, gl to u too.


It seems super quiet here for Ped match, comparing to Internal Medicine. Are you done or not started yet?


hi everybody,
I'm new here. I'm concerned bc its already November and I have zero IVs..and 6 rejections so far. My creds are 88/92/passed, ECFMG certified, I need visa and have 3 US LORs. Will take step 3 in 2 weeks and i'm currently doing research in the US. I guess I was left over bc of my low step 1 score...but hoping to hear from some programs this week..
good luck to everyone! and keep posting!!!
the weekend is over already!


I am an IMG with 92/98/cs pass/85/6mnths USCE and 2 US LOR. I have 6 ivs so far
2.Inova, Fairfax, VA
3.St.Joseph's NJ
4.St.John's, Michigan
5.Mt.Sinai, Chicago
6.Brookdale Uni, NY

I had applied to over 90 prog. Is it true that most of the prog have already given out all of their ivs?

On Nov 09, 2010 - 9:03 PM, motorola responded:
Some of those are great places. Congrats!


This forum is so quiet


Rej : Johns Hopkins

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