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USMLE score >90 <98

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5 22%
USMLE score >98

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11 48%

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12 52%

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14 61%
Green card?

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7 30%

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12 52%
ECFMG certified?

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18 78%
Step 3?

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9 39%
23 votes
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hmm so looks like future is bleak. anyways thanks maverick for answer! badluck struck me first time and very hard on step 1!!disapproval


Manunastai: "I sent some Qs over emails to some PDs of surgery programs. One program asks for 2 yrs of USCE and states observerships are not USCE. Well.. electives are just a few months, clinical research i guess it doesn't count, externships are almost impossible to get and I don't even think they're allowed by law to let you work... what's left? How to get 2 years of USCE?

Preliminary Surgery Residency does not count, because this requirement is for PGY1 spot and after doing Prelim PGY1 you're not allowed to repeat PGY1 on cat (at least that's what I know) and a few yrs in residency in other speciality is not desirable and they won't like it."

Carribean grads get 2 years USCE.

u r allowed to do PGY1 prelim and then PGY1 categ, even on J1 visa. know 4 freinds who r doing it this year.



ahaan, okay, i did'nt check that out maybe..but that's better than one year prelim....with one littke problem
on j1 we will not be allowed to change program after 2 years of residency, so the only option left for us is to get a categorical contract in that same program or otherwise, so considering this problem not a very healthy option it is...
anyway buddy good luck, i read somewhere u are going for 2010 match, so u got plenty of time to work out on how to crack the system
good lcuk

u r not allowed to change after 3 yrs, not 2 years.

programs offering 2 yr prelim: u wash, yale.... they r pretty good programs


are u sure maverick its three years, because i called ecfmg regarding this matter, and they said two years, maybe this three year restriction is some other context.
anyway how is it going? how the surgery rotation treating you
good luck mate


i also heard that limit for residency switch on j1 was 2 years.


its definitly 2 years

this is what ecfmg says about it



but it says changing specilty what exactly is meant by changing specilty. is switching from prelim to catagorical considered in switching speciality


Hey guys, I have a question, I'm late aplyig now, but still want to give it a shot for next match, I have mid 80s both steps pass cs, all first atempts. The number of applicatios Im sending is greater than the programs i had time to do gather information from.
My question is if I should mark categorical AND preliminar for all the programs I apply to, since my chances of getting a categ this year are very low?


it is great that you are taking time to come back and help others.
Kudos to you!! God will always be with you.
I am 99 MBBS graduate, GC, MS from home country in general surgery, DNB, MRCS, and work experience till 2006,99/99 but fail in has really depressed me as I never expected this.anyway will it be very detrimental? I am applying next year only. Can you advise me on how to get an observership or research for 1 year. I am at wits end!!
also am female and i know it is a male dominated field!


Thanks maverick!


a) I am an IMG who will graduate in about a year's time so my questions are:

To have a very good chance of landing a surgical preferably neurosurergery:

What kind of research done in the college is appreaciated?

What are the USMLE scores that are needed?

what Kind of clinical experience in U.S is considered good?

What is the procedure for externship?


Hey guys... so there is light at the end of the tunnel.., my residency is finally over. Thought of sharing it with you guys. This forum was really helpful 5-6 years back. If you guys have any questions, dont hesitate to ask. Getting surg is difficult, but possible smiling face



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