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 hey guys  

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Green card?

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Author54 Posts

well maverick . I don't see space for a 80s grad in your list! anyways i got 88 in step 1, had a major server f*** up and can't help it now. anyways i still have other steps to give and stuff. I am interested in cardiology [ both interventions and surgical ] . I am a fresh grad[ Feb 2007 ] and i have joined my MPH in epidemiology at Emory university , Atlanta. I am studying for step 2 side by side and one advantage i have is we have free access to every department of medical school and i have chance to work with any of them as an official part of my curriculum [ many faculties being associate profs in public health school too]. Now as i have already stated i am interested in both interventional and surgical cardiology and I'll be applying for the 2008/2009 match , thats I'll apply next 1st Sep with hopefully all my steps [ inc 3 ] complete.


What i wanted to inquire was that is it ok if i apply to both surgery and medicine programs at the same place? i mean would it affect me negatively if i apply to both of the specialties at the same uni/hospital? I also wanted to ask what i can do to improve my CV while i am here doing my MPH and if is should hope for getting a cat surg with those 88 step 1s sitting over my head. I don't know what my future step scores will be but one thing i am sure about is i don't wanna end up in a prelim surg position with no predictable future in my hand. I am game for either H1/J1 as i aren't much keen on settling down in USA. My prime goal is a fellowship.

Any ideas/opinions regarding my situation are appreciated!


muzammil - apply for both. leave it blank. thats what mostly everyone does


Hi maverick,

tanx a lot on ur finding time to reply the different posts.

I am an IMG going for a categorical gen surgery residency for the 2009 match. right now i hv graduated and am doing my internship and preppn the USMLE steps. I have 2 months clinical experience in IM and neurosurgery in nov and dec 2006 with 2 letters of recommendations.

Now i dont know wether to go for more externship/elective/observership in general surgery before


should I go for a masters in pub hth and try to obtain some sort of research experience as well as observership (i av cleard the gre, but dnt wnt to apply yet till am sure)


should i just go for a research position in gen surgery in US without doing mph/observership


wat exactly do i do

Another thing, how much US clinical experience is enough experience, and should it all be in general surgery only? i also av green card.

pls am really confused and will need ur help cos i av to make a decision soonest and also did u do research?



can u guys help me out with the question i posted about the correlation of UW nbme and step 2 ck


well maverick you forgot to answer our questions or what!!wink


hi maverick, dnt knw the answer to ur question cos i avnt done either.

cld u help with mine? tanx.


Well i think
nbme is more important than any qbank scores.

I suggest she take some more time , revise her weak areas and give NBME again. If I'd be in her place i wouldn't go for exam. NBME is certainly more predictive .


i agree with miradautas vras. nbme is more predictive. your scores are usually +/- 2 at the best 5, especially if you prepared adequately for the nbme. from the little study i carried out while studying, i also found out that most people do not get much difference in their scores when they postpone by less than 3 weeks. it happened to me too. i got my NBME score +/- 2 at both steps 1, 2 and i got exactly teh same at step 3. so for her, if she is happy with her score, she should go ahead and take the exam, otherwise, postpone for at least 3 weeks.


Miradautas Vras - categsurg very unlikely. u r looking for aprelim spot right now


stony_meadow - do electives in gen surg and get goodLORs from reputed attendings/institutes. mph not that useful unless from places like harvard, hopkins. research wud be good though. depends how much timeu have and when u r giving ur steps. if applying for 2009 match u need to give steps by sept next year. so try get 99/99 in those


thanks fr the suggestions guys


tanx, maverick. advice well taken.nod


Hi Maverick! Great thread and million thanks for your help. Not able to respond to your question because I have taken none.

I sent some Qs over emails to some PDs of surgery programs. One program asks for 2 yrs of USCE and states observerships are not USCE. Well.. electives are just a few months, clinical research i guess it doesn't count, externships are almost impossible to get and I don't even think they're allowed by law to let you work... what's left? How to get 2 years of USCE?

Preliminary Surgery Residency does not count, because this requirement is for PGY1 spot and after doing Prelim PGY1 you're not allowed to repeat PGY1 on cat (at least that's what I know) and a few yrs in residency in other speciality is not desirable and they won't like it.

Is this just a very polite way of saying "Get lost"? Thanks a lot for your reply!


hey manunastai, well its true that this might mean in other wordsd that they don't want us, but i talked to quite a few surgeons in USA, and they mentioned that it is technically possible to repeat PGY-1 on a catgorical route after completing PGY-1 preliminary, however the reason why it isn't very much favored among the foreign graduates community is the fact that a lot of us requires visa, and J1 don't allow us to repeat years....which otherwise might be possible if the candidate has green card or citizenship.

but one interesting thing i found out, if the program directors who is recruiting the candidate provides strong recommendation on resident's behalf, to ecfmg regarding repitition of PGY-1 year, then ECFMG might consider it, but that depends on a individual cases....don't know how applicable it is, but defnitely not to be taken for granted.


Great man! Thanks for your quick reply. By the way, I saw there are 2 kinds of peliminary position: for one year and for 2. What's that all about? if you sign for 2 yrs can't you convert after one?


i guess that was for 2nd year prelim, which ofcousre after u have completed year 1 on a prelim.
very very few programs have that.


no, no... there are programs that offer 2 yrs preliminary positions, not extension of the first yr.. that'sdifferent.


ahaan, okay, i did'nt check that out maybe..but that's better than one year prelim....with one littke problem
on j1 we will not be allowed to change program after 2 years of residency, so the only option left for us is to get a categorical contract in that same program or otherwise, so considering this problem not a very healthy option it is...
anyway buddy good luck, i read somewhere u are going for 2010 match, so u got plenty of time to work out on how to crack the system
good lcuk


thanks dude! good luck to you too

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