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USMLE score >90 <98

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5 22%
USMLE score >98

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11 48%

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12 52%

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14 61%
Green card?

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7 30%

Gregory, ssrpk, cs_usmle_can, fox, kingsofke, doczn, somdhan, Sh7, promoter, mohmjorden, BitterPill, CocaCola
12 52%
ECFMG certified?

Hotobhaga, Gregory, heartsurgeon, ssrpk, PanduGundu, cs_usmle_can, fox, kingsofke, quaidian148, doczn, somdhan, Sh7, UWstep3, promoter, smal, romodoc, BitterPill, CocaCola
18 78%
Step 3?

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9 39%
23 votes
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Author54 Posts

am a PGY1 surgery resident. if u guys have any questions feel free to shoot. will try to answer as and when i get time.

Do fill the poll above. jsut curious to know how the competition is this year


hey mav, how is it going? just surprised to see you online in surgery pgy1. hope you are having great time. how are the hours like??


hi mavrick nice to see you here i have beena silent observer of your posts last year. i have the centuries old question for you. now as u r in the sytem wud u advice a surgery aspirant to accept a prelim spot or prelim is a big no no.


dev nice to see u too.


Hey Maverick Congrats on that match..The Tank charges on.... I have all seen u r posts last year. Tell me, I am a 1988 grad and so many programs have a cutoff date. that leaves me abt 18 to choose from. i am a surgeon in active practice in my native country all this time. Is it unreasonable for me to want to get into cat surg. Scores are 228/95 step 1 and 250/99 step 2

Edited by Hotobhaga on Aug 26, 2007 - 12:08 PM



i graduated from medical school in india in 2005.immediately joined ms and will be completing in march 2008.hence i am 3yr old graduate who will be having a postgraduate degree in surgery by 2008 profile is 99/255,99/254,2cs pass,88/213.i also have several university rank certificates.i do not have any us clinical experience or research.i am interested in categorical surgery in any type of programme or preliminary surgery in likes of mayo,cleveland,johns hopkins.keeping all this in perspective what are my realistic chances.


hey maverick, i have the same question as muzammil, you pulled off a categorical spot in surgery, which many of us are aspiring for. I have an observersip rotation scheduled in october in surgery, will it be helpful for categorical spot, i have visa issues as well.
Or is it better if i try to find some research work in USA this year, so that I may have beter chances next year.
Please advice
and good luck for your residency and please clarify ur visa status
thanks s lot and enjoy ur residency


Hi everyone,
I graduated in Jan 2006 .I am from India.I am planning to apply for surgery 2008.I hv scores of 99(247)/99(254)/cs passed/1 mo of observership in IM.I dont hv any USCE in surgery .With these credentials can I apply for surgery?I s it a tough /impossible job?Please guide me.


hey dev, life is good. yeah dont get much free time, but thought as and when free can come here sometime to help out and give back advice i got. hours are approx 5:30am to 7pm

muzammil - if u really want surgery and nothing else, then go for prelim. many r not able to convert. if u r good, u shud be ale to. question arises whether to do prelim at a big place like mayo, upenn or a small place where internal conversion is higher. its very polarised on this point. those in favor of small places, argue that the highest chances for conversion r within the same program. those in favor of big places, argue that even if chances for conversion r low at the same place, u r competitive for other univs across the country unlike doing it from a small place. its ultimately ur choice

hotobhaga - it would be difficult. u may have to do prelim year. but if u really impress there u cant rule it out

heartsurgeon - chances are average. without US LORs in this day and age, can be difficult but still possible to get direct categ surg. so do some observerships. else prelim where if u impress try for categ next year

ssrpk - do an observership at a big place and get good LORs. thats the key. research is good, but takes more time and community hospitals (where u will get most of ur interviews) prefer it over research. taking a year off for research is not a bad idea either but then depends who u do it under and chances of being able to publish anything. what visa issues do u have?

i am on J1 but h1 is preferable.

pandu-sure scores r god. try to do surg observership. its not easy. everyone has 99/99. Its the rest of the application and interview which wud seperate u


hey maverick, i am running short of tme here, and i need loads of info on programs, especially regarding visa sponsorships which several programs did'nt mention on their websites, now these websites like residentscafe and others provide this info...are they reliable, according to your last years experince....can they be relied upon.?



thank you for your inputs.since i am still in my residency back home and will finish in march i guess my back up can only be preliminary surgery as there is no scope to do an observership.


ssrpk - dunno dude i had contacted programs individually then applied to any who had h/o taking IMGs.

heartsurgeon - then u r applying next year for 2009 match right? so u will have time b4 next sept


mav ...just one quick qus...would u mind telling us about the palces whereu got interviews from ....i am just curios about the palces we all can apply to atleast those programme.



mavrick thanks for answering my q i have one more add on q to my prvious q. whats ahead of a prilim spot if in case i am not able to convert it to catgorical i mean what elose can i do from that point onward considering if i ma on j1.


I just have a couple of questions, the IMGs who got into PGY1 prelim and then couldn't get into PGY2, what do they do? Can they apply to PGY1 categ?

And this is a quote from what a surgery resident wrote on digitaldoc:
"If you are really really dedicated about surgery, then forget about how long it takes.. the best method would be to get a research position in some top notch university like harvard ( i know ppl who have got in there ), get the research on an H1 visa, work for 2 to 3 years, get a green card, and then apply for a catagorical position in surgery, that is how your future would be safe.. and you would eventually become a surgeon"
what do you think, will research experience help one get a into categ?

Thanks in advance.



i will be applying for 2008 match as i will be finishing surgery back home before it starts in the us.


muzammil - ortho, radiology, anesthesia, obg (not sure), family med (not sure). basically dont know too much about that track. u gotta find out urself

black horse - well they take a yea off, do research, etc. not very sure as we dont get to meet those who dont make it during interviews. yes they try applying again i guess.

yeah research would help a lot, maybe not much for community programs though. but its not just research. it shud involve some papers. Green card would increase ur chances a lot. However somebody has to sponsor it for u, which is difficult.


medicnull -->


Maimonides Medical Center, NY PRELIM

Bronx Lebanon, NY CAT

Easton Hospital, PA CAT

Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN PRELIM

Caritas St. Elizabeth, MA CAT

Creighton University, NE CAT

Univ of South Carolina SOM, SC CAT

Harlem, NY CAT

St Joseph, Ann Arbor, MI CAT

University of Kentucky PRELIM

Wash Univ School of Medicine, MO CAT

Albert Einstein Montefiore, NY PRELIM

Yale University, CT PRELIM

St Joseph, Pontiac, MI CAT

University of New Mexico, NM CAT

North-Shore Long Island Jewish, NY AMBIGUOUS - didnt say whether prelim or cat

Fairfax INOVA hospital, PA CAT

Mass General Hosp, MA PRELIM

Abington Memorial, PA PRELIM, but ranked for both CAT and PRELIM

Chicago Metropolitan Hospital PRELIM

But this is only a small list as I know many others who got invited to many different programs, so there must be at least 30 more worth applying to.

Sharvil's (had a GC) list for the previous year:

Albert Einstein Montefiore - prelim,

St. Vincent's Manhattan - prelim,

NYMC Brooklyn queens - Categorical,

New York Methodist - P and C,


Monmouth Medical Center - interviewed me for P but ranked me for C,

St. Francis Trenton - P and C,

Abington Memorial Pennsylvania - interviewed me for P but ranked me for P and C,

Graduate hospital, Philly - P and C,

Nassau University - P and C,

Creighton University, Nebraska - C,

Mayo Clinic, MN - P,

Huron Hospital, ohio - P,

St. John's Detroit - P,

Easton Hospital, PA - P and C,

U. Penn - P


thanx mevrick


can u please tell me should we apply for both catagorical and prelim in the same program?

and if we do apply for both catagorical and prelim what shud we write in the subspecilety after prelim in CAF ? or leave it balnk if one want to pursue surgery in future.

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