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 One month prep for CS, We can do it!!!  

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Sorry I am late but congrats!!!! Would you recommend commercial courses for CS like CYN3 or Kaplan? Or if I study from FA and UW with a practice partner ( my wife) would that be enough?


Hi Oldkid, thanks a lotnod

To be honest i don't know nothing about those courses...but i think it is very important to practice. FA and UW are more than enough to cover the main cases that you will probably find in the exam and if there is a new chief complaint I am sure that you will get the pattern of the case . The most important is TO MASTER THEM, in terms of TIME MANAGEMENT, for instance, a case of pnemonia, sounds very easy but if you practice with someone else you will notice that for example you forgot to ask about HIV and everything changes, that is why I strongly encourage to practice with different study partners because they will let you know about your mistakes. Another important point is try to practice the cases completely, including patient note and always in a time mode. Practice the most common cases many times in that way if you are nervous your mind will bring up the questions automatically. To assess your english skills the best way is talking with native people, believe me you will know if they don't understand you...If you can arrange an externship/observership before the exam that would be great in terms of experience for this exam and a plus for your resume.

I tryed to practice with my husband. It didn't i don't know, my husbad doesn't have patiencegringrin. All the best and just start practicing your first case and you will know what you is not hard...if I passed ...anyone can do it


what do you think about kaplan cs book?should we do that too apart from uw and fa?confused


Hi caduceus. I have no idea, never used it but i think the combo FA and UW is more than enough.

FA, UW, phone, study partners and 1 month prep------->Cs pass

Try to practice face to face the day before the exam, specially if you contact a colleague that is going to the same test center. Maybe going early, 2 days before the exam and practice and practice. Don't forget to practice even more the MOST COMMOM CASES. Good luck and all the best!!!!!


thanks...smiling face


Thanks Ivonne for your helpful tips on CS

I'm having this exam on Feb 1st. I will start preparing in early January. Will consider all your recomendations.

Your post is very reassuring... especially for me, being scared to death about this CS!!shocked




Thanks BW and Arlete, anytime. This forum is helping me a lot and it will make me happy if somehow i can help. Best of luck!!!!!


old post but very good 4 me so thanks again ivonne


thanks guys, thank you IVONNE!!

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