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 One month prep for CS, We can do it!!!  

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Good news, I have changed my exam date. Now it is August 8th, in the same place Chicago, it took me the whole morning. Yessssssss!
Now 2 weeks left..
Good luck to everyone


13 more days to go
I bought a tunning fork and a reflex hammer (my first ones in US) and also a headset. The last one to practice online with my study partner.
We are doing 10 cases of UW/day and also a couple of cases of FA (just 8 cases left in FA). The part We need to practice more is the Physical examination. Otherwise we are doing fine.
Best of luck CS people and God be with us.


I could't sleep very well last night, trying to kill negative thoughts, I talked yesterday with another pnone study partner and I felt bad. We both have tha same time left but she is already practicing all the cases for a second time. Also She is going to practice for 2 days with a friend a simulated exam. I wish I can do that. God be with me.
Anyways 12 days left...
8 cases left in FA, 13 cases and 17 minicases in UW left.
let see if we do 10 cases/day we need 4 days more to finish the first round.
WE CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


10 more cases of UW are done. We take 8 minutes for history taking part, 5 minutes for an imaginary physical examination and 2 minutes for closure. After everycase we are doing the patient note in 9 minutes, scanned it and e mail it to each other for observations. Also we are making our own protocol for each case.

10 more cases today and almost done with UW!!!!



Wao , I am impressed Ivonne !

You are doing so great nod



Thanks doc_clotaire. So do you. Enjoy your weekend!!

DAY 10

1.- I am really tired tonight but UW is DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2.- I bougth my tickets to chicago.

Tomorrow's goal: Finish FA
WE CAN DO IT!!!!!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Edited by Ivonne on Dec 25, 2007 - 9:21 PM



Thanks God I found a study partner in Chicago to practice physically 2 days full time before the exam. It is gonna be like having a Kaplan short course...I feel so lucky, thanks God again.



Just practicing all FA again, tomorrow is the last day with my study partner. She is going to LA. I am sure that She is going to be fine. Best of luck my dear friend.
Hopefully, I will practice with another study partner on thursday, friday and saturday just ramdom cases.

Best of luck



Just studying FA minicases, abbreviations, UW PE videos, Thinking what I am going to wear on wednesday, doing laundry and spending some time with the family.
The exam is coming soon.....
Hey is there someone that wants to share the last days, please say hi to me...


Hi Ivonne !

Don ' t worry ! You ' ve practiced a lot

I am sure that you will pass wink



Thanks doc for you support. I know that you are doing very good in your preparation.
just practicing some random cases. I bought my clothes today. $40 less in my account.
Practice makes perfect!!!


DAY 4 Gray day

Oh my God I just noticed Pediatrics and Obstetrics/Gynecology are my weakest area. (I didn't study both areas yet for CK). I need an emergency plan. My study partner didn't give me a pass score in 2 cases in both areas. They were huge mistakes. At least I passed in neuro. So I am going to focus today in making protocols for Peds/OGyn. I know for sure that the exam has at least one case of each one. God help me to keep up my confidence.


Last night was very interesting. I wanted to extend my exam for 1 week but after a deep analysis I decided to go for it in 3 days. I don't think that one week is going to make a difference but it will increase the stress time. I WILL GO FOR IT!!!!
I am leaving in the afternoon so i don't think I will be able to post until the exam is over.
GL wink


Good Luck on your exam Ivonne and don ' t forget to post your experience !


you are very professional guys ... would i ever be this good !?!??!?!?!?!?!



Thank you for your support guys. I just came back from Chicago after 1 day post exam vacation. I will write later more details...but for now keep in mind that they are REALLY COMMON CASES, if you are about to take the exam practice the most common cases please.

I am glad i didn't extend this exam. It was a pleasure. Everybody was very nice. Go for it guys.


Edited by Ivonne on Oct 19, 2007 - 1:23 PM. : x


Hey ivonne ,, really happy u made it ... all cases were from FA ?

I know u will pass


Hi icarus, thanks.
UW covers 100%
FA 80%
but as you know the cases are not the same...Make a list of the most common problems in US and I am sure You won't miss anything.
Good luck

Edited by Ivonne on Oct 19, 2007 - 1:25 PM. : c


Hmmmm Well ivonne i am an IMG ...
1- Would u send us a list about all these common problems ?

2- When u say that UW covers 100% but the cases are different : do you mean that we have the exactly same Chief Complaints in UW but the patient answers to the specific questions differs ?

Thanks a lot dear friend ...
Hope doc_Clotaire is still around us !!!


Well as you may understand I can't say many details about the test but I can tell you that I felt very confident during each case because I practiced each case many times and randomly with different study partners and while practicing we made the cases very difficult.

For example when we practiced a case of cough, our imaginary patient had smoking, drinking and multiple sexual partners; so we had to do the counseling of each problem within the same timeframe but in the real exam the patient was less complicated therefore I had extratime for everything, specially for the closure and summarize each detail the patient told me so i made sure that the patient will mark his/her checklist. I had 1 to 2 extra minutes in almost each case for the patient note.

I didn't do a perfect job but at least I completed all of them in terms of the following details:

1.-Write very big the LAST NAME of the patient, age, abnormal vital sign and my DDs. I didn't have to write PAMHUGSFOSS because I practiced it many times that it was automatic.
2.-knock the door, greet the patient, shake hands, introduce myself and DRAPE the patient.
3.-Start with and open ended question and ask permission to make notes.
4.-Use the appropriate transition sentences and counsel inmediatly I found the opportunity to do it.
5.-Wash my hands ask for questions or concerns, ask permission and proceed with the physical exam which was done based in the chief complaint and addicionally I didn't forget to do the Cardiovascular and lung examination in all of them. I did't forget to make sure that the patient is comfortable at any time of the process.
6.-I had enough time to summarize each detail the patient told me and ask for extra information.
7.-Do the closure
8.-Write a complete patient note (not perfect but complete)

Well I think that I did my best and now I just have to cross my fingers and wait for the results. I hope that hard work will be paid off. Good luck.

Edited by Ivonne on Nov 08, 2007 - 3:18 PM

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