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 One month prep for CS, We can do it!!!  

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Hi CS people, I really need your help in this one, this exam seems to be very challenging to me but It has to be done.
My tools are
My friends
Exam date 09/04/07 but I would love to take it earlier if I am ready. Any advice is very welcome...please!!!!!!!wink

Let's start:
1.-Common questions to ask the patient
300 questions ( To pronounce them appropriately slow and loud), i am wondering in 10 minutes interview how many questions I can make..mmmm

20-30 seconds note doorway information and make a list of DDs.
10 -20 seconds greet to drape the patient.
7 -8 minutes
5 minutes. HPI and ROS. 25 to 45 questions
2-3 minutes for past medical, surgical, medication, family,
social, sexual and allergy history. 20 to 40 questions.
Could be the same questions for all of them, of course if
the patient is alcoholic I will spend more time in the CAGE
questionnaire, etc.
3-5 minutes PE
2-3 minutes Closure.

Probably this will change in the following days, we will see
Have a good nightnod


OPEN ENDED QUESTIONS are the best. Each subsequent major line of inquiry is also began with an open ended question. Then when it no longer yield useful information, I should begin to use more specific questions. I just read this..


for every history remember OPD,LIQORAAA,PAM HUGS FOSS.will help you more,after my CK on 10th


Practice makes perfect is my today's phrase. I practiced few cardio cases. Time management is not good but at least I wrote the patient note in 10 minutes after trying 4 times the same case. It is not easy to study for this exam just by myself but I have to keep going.
have a happy studying day

Edited by Ivonne on Nov 14, 2007 - 1:37 PM


Thanks Jesussaves, don't forget to stop by after your CK. Best of luck.
This part-time job I have is taking some time away of my CS preparation but It helps me to relax. I am getting some confidence after practicing more cardio and respiratory cases; for some reason it works for me to study first the patient note of "classic cases" and know it word by word then practice the whole case. Of course each patient is different....but I have to start with something. How about to know 100 classic cases and practicing every detail 2-3 times.
Now I have 4 full days to study We can do it guys!!!!


Today's goal
Just 4 cases of FA:
1.-48 yo W with abdominal pain
2.-21 yo W with abdominal pain
3.-74 yo M with rigth arm pain
4.-21 yo M with sore throat

Practice each case at least twice TIMED, Time management is key in this exam. My friends don't know yet that I already have plans for them, Ha,ha.


Another day
Just practiced 2 cases of FA: disapproval
5.-55 yo M with bloody stool
6.-46 yo M with chest pain
I love the patient note part, definetly LIQORAAA, PAM HUGS FOSS are RELIGION, studying for CK simultaneously is helping me a lot specially for DDs and Dx W-up.
Tomorrow has to be a more productive day, until then.


You are doing pretty good Ivonne !

Keep going !


Thanks Doc_clotaire
I just took some time off from work to dedicate 100% of my time for this exam, so today I feel very strong. Next week, a house phone will be installed therefore I will talk 24/7 with a phone study partner.

This web is very helpful :

Enjoy your studying day guys


Just getting more tips for the CS protocol before to practice more cases, for example in a trauma case.
Do not shake hands if the patient has right arm painsticking out tongue

A nice detail: Is everything alright for you in the room?. Let me make you feel more comfortable and DRAPE the patient.

Ask for loss of consciousness
Ask all pain questions LIQOR AAA plus the functional impairment questions.
Ask about deficits
Very important look for any sign of ELDER ABUSE and do the necessary counseling


That 's a pretty good website

I alo check it from time to times ......

Thanks for sharing the tips


We are here to motivate to each other doc and to share information, talking of which:
Two mnemonics:

For hematochezia DDs:

R.....Rectal bleeding( fissures, hemorrhoids)
I.....Inflammatory bowel disease, infectious diseases

For Diarrhea
R...Recent travel
N...Near ill contact
E...Examination of the stool, Description

The last one was my creation, just having fun while studying.


I am here to join you, guys


WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME justice, Lets make this trip comfortable. Studying has to be a pleasure. Besides this exam is about to organize our previous knowledge in a 15 minutes best presentation and 10 minutes documentation times 12. How many patients have we already seen in our lifetime? Hundreds?


I just talked with my study partner, and She just gave me homework. 10 neuro UW cases for tomorrow. i will better get ready for that.
have a good night


I just wanted to say today about how important is a partner for CS, things are more easy. I am learning a lot from her. Thanks my dear friend.
We are doing 6 cases per day between FA and UW, and I think we are doing fine.
The questions are based in the DDs, doing counseling during the history taking part, summarizing the case and doing the closure.
Practice makes perfect!


Done with 50% of FA, also doing some UW cases. We are doing great. Definitely I am taking this exam earlier, probably the first week of august.
We will start to practice today the PN.

Enjoy your day


Dizziness case:

After Good morning Mr "x", it is very nice to meet you, I am Dr "Y" and bla, bla...
Timing during the day

What do you mean by dizziness?
Exacerbating/alleviating factors
Change with POSITIONS

Pass out
Ear problems(tinnitus, discharge, deafness, pressure)
headache, weakness, numbness
Recent URI

Fever, appetite, Bowel movements, weigth change
ROS(GI, heart, lungs,..)


Now all has to be done in 8 minutes
I can not wait to change my exam date, but Scheduling calendar is not working..Argh


HI Ivonne

I am glad to know that you have found a study patner who are making it easier for you to practice Is she also studying for CS or she 's just a friend ?

I just suscribed in UW and I will start practicing tomorow .

Keep up with the good work !


Thanks for stopping by Doc, As I told you She is also a doctor who is taking her CS exam before me.
I am glad that you have started UW, it is very helpful. We can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We have finished 6 more cases including the patient note, very important!!!
Keep it up

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