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 Interview questions?  

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Hi there:

Do interviewers ask about psychiatry conditions and treatments? I did Psych in 2002-3, did not get a chance to do that afterwards; does not remember much...offcourse aftera bout 4 years)...What do you know if you are going for a Psych interview? what do they see basically, sga please..................


here are some questions that I came up with, off the top of my head:
What kind of experience have you had dealing with psychiatric Patients?
What are your feelings toward this population?
What is your knowledge regarding psychotopics?
What are some typical side effects of antipsychotics?
What would you do if a Patient suddenly manifested overt symptoms of EPS?
How would you deal with an unruly Patient in group situation?
What could you do or say to prevent a irate Patient from esculating?
How would you react in a given crisis situation?
Under what conditions would you physically restrain a Patient?
What do you know about reality orientation?
Can you talk a Patient out of a delusion? Why?
What are the typical symptoms of psychosis? Schizophrenia? Bipolar D/O? Major Depressive D/O?

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