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 Stethoscope, which one to buy?  

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hi folks, I want and need to hear your opinions regarding this important topic for many of us...

Which stethoscope is good for an internal medicine residency??? I'm going to sell my current stethoscope to a friend of mine, so I'm going to buy a new one... and am starting to look for options.

I've heard things about littmann of course, but also somethings about Sprague scopes, or Welch-Allyn Harvey scopes.

I'm confused here, I don't know which one should I buy?

any suggestions

I guess this topic will be useful for many of you, cause we are in a similar position right now

thanks for all your replies



I mean, not only which brand but also which specific model would be the ideal...


Littman, Classic II SE/ Cardiotone.
Go to They have an extensive list.
U just need an attentive ear....the more fancier the steth, the more Ur neck will hurt carrying it along.I have seen the best of cardiologists use the simplest of steths.


more answers are welcome...


i have litmann very good


what model is recommended?


alright, thanks anyway ...


go for littman classic 2 s.e......kind of basic model...very good ..more than enuf


i checked mine its same as PW. i think its enuf. i heard every murmur there is to hear with it. unless u are going into cardiology or peds that should be good enuf


it was 35$ # YRS BACK


i am with the "littmann classic II SE" crowd...have used on babies too...


thanks, I appreciate your answers.


littman classic 2
didn't try anything else.
works great for me...


I have a Littman Master Classic. I love it. Classic models from Littman will do, either the Classic II or Master Classic.


Littmann Cardiology III, the bell is heavy enough to use it as a reflex hammer!!!
Kind of expensive though. $160.00


Help me too.


Stethoscopes are enormously overrated. I'd much rather have a good fundoscope in my pocket.

Just get a simple one, like many here suggested.


How is a stethoscope comparable to a fundoscope???

Kind of like oranges and apples dont you think.....?


I am saying it is better to spend your money on an expensive fundoscope than on one of those expensive stethoscopes. Just get a simple stethoscope and buy a good fundoscope instead.

I obviously am not comparing them directly. I don't think I'll be listening to my patient's murmur using my fundoscope anytime soon... rolling eyes


How about;qid=1275007568&sr=8-2

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