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I amm a US citizen but back to my home town country!
is it possible to get residency position in canada.
I pass all usmle step.are tey


THX for reply but now even in US is difficult too most of the position is been filled by indian doctors &most of them have connection by friends&indian doctors.
there are alot of russian doctors after collaps(i was in ohio /cleveland) I have Q can take step 3 out of US?




i need your help.i am going to take step 1 4 months later and i need some information about this hard this exam is?i just have kaplan lecture notes and i have only 4 months and ofcource i want to get a good score on this exam ,because i have a few opthions for residency in the city that i live in.please help me,any information or experience from this exam will help me..thanks


thank you for your reply,i graduate 3 years ago from kerman university and as i was just a medium student i know that getting a good score on the exam is not easy.but i will try for that,i want to know do i have to read all the chapters from all the lecture notes?or which one of these books i have to expend more times on it?
(before every thing i have to say that my english is not very good and i hope you can underestand the meaning of my sentences....:confusedsmiling face


to add to nima's note, do USMLE World questions or Kaplan Q bank or Kaplan Q book.

Start with Step 1 and study hard, the score is very very important. If you are not ready don't go for exam.


Good Score nima, I got 151 in Mehre 78.


hi guys,
so glad to see iranian names in here smiling face

Nazila: why on earth wouldn`t you go to US ??!! you have cleared the steps (50% of the problem) you are a citizen (the other 50%). just take the MATCH and like nima said leave the rest to God.
connections are important but US is a BIG country and not everyone who got in, had connections.
and about Step3, even though it is a written test, you have to take it in the US. (no overseas branches). but since you don`t need a visa, you don`t have to take it before the residency. (i think you already know that).

Nima : it is painful to hear about iranian doctors and believe me the same thing happened to me and my friends! it is a dark point in our culture... but well what can we do? at least, we can be different. and you are, you are helping and this is heartwarming smiling face

Shohreh: what nima and amir said is true. i just want to add a few words. step 1 is an extensive exam but believe me it is SO DOABLE! i heard so many stories about difficult questions, etc. but the exam is really fair and reasonable. all questions are clear and smart. as nima said, it is more important to understand the concepts than to memorize. but anyway, let`s face it, this is medicine, ofcourse we need to memorize some stuff too.
my message to you: make a plan, choose one book for each subject and stick to it. this is the exam that NO ONE CAN KNOW EVERYTHING. it is so easy to get lost in deep details and loose your can be studying for 5 years and still there are things you don`t know.and guess what EVERYONE is like that. the key is to stay focused and study the MOST IMPORTANT and repeat it so you know it excellent. what is that? yes, Kaplans. they are the best books for almost everything (except pathology) and after you cover them do alot of tests. practice, practice practice. you have to get used to the questions. for that the best source is Kaplan Qbank+ Qbook.

don`t study for too short and not for too long.

for my full exam experience go to :

and for my preparation go to:

again, i want to emphasize, first plan, put a date and then start studying as hard as you can and God will help. trust me, it is possible.
if i could do it, you can do it.

if you guys have any questions, i will be more than happy to help.


hey nima thanks for the kind words and complements smiling face glad i was helpful before.

we`ll be in touch.

Good luck and God bless!


hi every body
thanks for all your advices,i recieved my exam permition just yesterday and now i am very exsitedconfused.i hope i can go for it....


i choose my exam date.....july 31 at 8 am,shockedgod help me,i am very nervuos and (gij o vig)....confused


hi dragonfly
i read your experiment,that were so usefull,i use them but any hint to prepare for the exam by just kaplan lecture notes will be more helpfull for me.i want to get a good score because in the city that i live there is no iranian and i have to compete with indians and american in match program,thanks..


It is good shohreh. But why you in hurry, let's be realistic. you may catch match 2008 with ECFMG certificate in Dec 07, but if I were you, I would schedule my exams for Match 2009.

No offence, but have your exam done gradually, do some observership or research to get familiar with system, be some time in US, and then apply for match.

You cannot repeat exam and from my point 3 months for step 1 is not enough.

Studying takes at least 4-5 month, review and doing MCQs takes 1-2 months. You have to do review all you've read and hit Kaplan or UW qeustions. IT IS A MUST.


hi shohreh,

i am glad i could be of some help. i want to stress some points. look, what i wrote as my prepration does not mean that only by doing that, you can get a high score. i confess, i am a bit crazy smiling face and like to study from here and there. the reason i wrote all the details, is just that i wanted to be honest. but now that i look back, i could have gone through it less painfully and in less time. i know people who studied only from kaplans and got great scores.

my suggestion would be : study kaplan for everything + BRS for pathology (+ Goljan audios if you have time) + practice as many tests as you can. (which i personally prefer Kaplan Qbank) AND THAT IS IT !!

don`t go near any other books. unless you just want to clarify something you don`t understand in kaplan. trust me, details in Kaplans are enough for the exam. read them and repeat them and know them by heart. and more importantly TESTS,TESTS,TESTS. let me tell you a secret, in my oopinion, this exam is only maybe 70% about your knowledge but 30% about how familiar you are with the "Test Style" specific to this exam. so do lots of tests. i should warn you though, in real exam, not all questions are as difficult as Kaplan. but if you master Kaplan`s questions, you`ll ace on the exam.

and by the way if you are looking for "Goljan Audios" let me know, i`ll find and send the links. that guy is a wonderful teacher. his points are really useful.

about the time needed, again i think you are the best judge for yourself. you should consider your background, time you can devote to this, etc. make a persoanl plan that works for you the best.

shohreh,take it easy. relax. don`t think about the exam, and for God sake, do NOT think about the "competition" you are facing. that makes you more nervous. just focus on the test. forget for now about what is going to happen After !!

it is normal to be nervous at this time, but you need to deal with it. the way i did was that i studied as if i were studying for fun and tried not to think about the EXAM or AFTER the exam. that way, you can keep yourself busy studying and you won`t feel nervous.

what i loved about this exam besides its genious and clear questions, is that you are not competeing against others!! in a room of 20, if all are performing well , all will get 90+. there is no stupid 1st, 2nd , etc rank. like our "konkoor".

and besides, know that NOT all the questions in the exam count! they put some (10-20) "experimental" questions which they just want to check how difficult they are but they don`t effect your score. so even if you see a couple of weird questions on the exam, relax. they maybe one of those...

and a final word. shohreh, NO ONE comes out of this exam shouting "oh it did so great, i am sure i will get 99".not everything is in our hands.

you go in there and do your best and God will take care of the result. trust Him and He makes the miracle happen. it was a dream for me to get a 90, but then again God surprised me. it will be the same for you Godwilling.don`t get disappointed and keep your hopes up. just keep praying and study the best you can and it will be over soon and you`ll be laughing why you were so nervous about it smiling face

I wish you the best of luck for the exam.

if you guys have any questions, don`t hesitate to email me : . i`ll be happy to help.


hi everybody
before every thing i have to thanks all of you for your help.
dr amirhossein the reason that i want to go for match 2007 is that i graduate 3 years ago and after paying a lot of money (vadi'e) finaly i could release my diploma ,and as i found ,some of the residancy programs want only fresh graduates , for example from the graduation to applying for matching program they want 3 or 5 or at least 10 years gap,and in the the city that i leave they want 5 years,i don't know if how much they will stress on this point,but if it is true i have to be in a hurry...(i found this information from this


nice to see you all heresmiling face, Nazila I agree with everybody else, a close friend of mine wasted 2.5 years in canada, she got a call and finally got hopeful but then for some reason they said we want less people and guess what they first omit the IMGs and noncitizens. Of course you may have other reasons to choose canada over US, but definitely your chances of getting into residency are much higher in the states specially as a citizen.
Shohreh you are right, it counts to be a fresh grad, but high scores count even more, and now that you are in the states you have a chance to gain US clinical experience and do research, that's what I am doing in a way, otherwise I could have participated in 2007 match. So in my opinion, study for a few weeks then evaluate yourself, do some qs, do some tests, see if you have enough confidence in yourself to give the test in july, otherwise change your date.
Good luck every body.smiling face


i need your help i am stududing microbiology caplan lecture notesconfused
but it is very hard to recognize all the materials..after i finish one chapter and back to it again i can't remember it..shaking headgive me hint..what should i know aboat microbiology and which of the chapters are more important to recognaze and a very important thing:how to remember them and recognaze themwink...


nima is right.
if you have time, do "Medical Microbiology made ridiculously simple".(if you are intrested i think i have the PDF version, i can send it to you).
it is a great book , but not enough. you need to complement it with Kaplan.

and yes micro was never easy. we just have to deal with it...
the key ? repeat, repeat, repeat!

main point to focus for each organism :
1- properties ( gram +/-, aerob/anaerob, etc.)
2- diseases they cause
3- lab diagnosis
4- therapy

that is it! don`t kill with unnecessary details.
after you are done with all the organisms, there is this chapter in kaplan called "Comparative micro" . it is excellent. it puts everything that you may confuse together. it is just the final touch.

and by the way here is the order of importance:


if you study this good, it helps your score ALOT. i had many many Micro questions, which where very straight and not that hard.

Good luck!


thanks a lot ,i am going to use your points....


do you have any idea about anatomy?i heard that it has the lowest qs in the that right?if it is so ,how do i have to deal whit it?what chapter is better to read from it?do i have to read all the materials?or i can skip some of them?please...i don't have enough time and now after microbiology i am so confused(gij o vij and ghati pati).....

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