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 High marks need motivation  

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Dear Journal,

Last night not only attend good info sessions also before and after able to study BS very well with full concentrations that lack for a while with so many family, relatives, friends out of town, country desperate call for host/ helps.
Thank God all done for now and have to say politely not able to host 24/7 any more.
Focus on own life so I can be in residency to MD in dream jobs soon nod

So ... BS ... EPIDEMIOLOGY ... Chp 1

Last night done all " Incidence and prevalence " very well with fully, clearly understandingnod

Now writing down points in paper sheet ... yes ... I am old fashion but best way of my study ... write it down without looking at the key points only ... that become your note ... may read or not but it's recall and can flip fast or quick glances ... if needed.
Off course will check with books after all write / spill out on writing notenod
Not recite/ speak out loud reader ... but quiet , think deeply with focus and concentration reader then same quiet write out while think /recall key facts/points.nod

To day is " Crude /specific/adjusted rate " nod

will take time each topics but that way no need to repeat zillions time but focus/ concentrate the topics small sessions by sessions , digested well each before move on next ... that best way than fast read and cram and recite/ repeats zillions time.
But that is last run ... at start we all do fast run to get big picture and general idea and to get familial with the subjects without detail focus on each topics. Run fast at start to not get bored by taking long time to finish each subjectssticking out tongue

Ok folks, back to study till next time will update my journal .nod

GL to menod, usnod, all nod


Dear Journal,

Warm winter now changing suddenly to white winter and cold .raised eyebrow
Anyhow, study plan going must have to .nod

Decided doing ... BS Epi/stat ... ?? read along with physio and ??? later shall be with kap Q too nod

Few days left for this yr but be sure study well and keep it up nod

Know the FORMULAs and explanations of the following especially ...* one ... [ note just for my reminder to focus for own study focus. Not means key for exm ... ]
A... *incidence, * prevalence ... morbidity, mortality .
B... crude , specific, adjusted/ standardized Rate to crude / cause specific/ * case fatality/ * proportionate ... mortality rate .

2/2 table ...
sensitivity , specificity.
ppv, npv.
accuracy .

D... * Study Designs
1.Bias.. a. reliability b. validity
2.Bias * types ...
3. Observational Studies ... case/case series ... report .
* ... cross-sectional/ case-control/ cohort ... study *
4. Analyzing Observational studies
* ... chi sq, odd ratio, RR & AR ... *

5. * Clinical trial ... Interventional studies
FDA ... phases
D ... still need to read ... D ... detail , now just browsing ... D but ... A to C all done well with
... to make notes for ... C ... in detail wink

Pl check/review here... on off , be sure know well ... Epi from ... A ... to ... D [ 1 to 5 ] ... nod

GL to me nod, us, all


Dear Journal,

Happy new year to me and all !nod

Weather nicer, life too.

Enjoying weather and doing
... " Epidemiology... Bias topics with solutions " ... took time to get the facts with well understanding but will start kap Q anyhow today or tomorrow.
Short cht epi but ... need good focus and clear mind with concentration so mix studying with beautiful songs and nice online movie to have happy study mind... But sometimes ends up beautiful but ending as sad story sadso ... shall I stop that mind cleaning movie watch raised eyebrow or get tense head just study study like high school final and med final exm time raised eyebrowsticking out tonguegrinwinknodshaking headdisapproval just get what ever it comes and try to be immu to the whatever end that way hope control emotion like in exm .. no matter what come q type , no emotion much but just do best and adapt and move onnod

Hot cold hot cold so be careful and take good care of what you shall wear folks... reminder for me toonodcoolnod

Jan... plan BS and physio kap LN and Q , keep ur plan shwe nod no matter what [ words of MJ , where is she now ?? ]
In this stage better stand on self tall and strong after already done good time FA groupnod

GL to menod, us nod, all nod


Dear Journal,

Focus on BS then kap Q but may be not physio yet cause need to do some FA to keep in touch with FA in different random systemnod.

Hope speed of study up after bad cold in this winter.
At least am studying daily now ... that's a good start of 2016 .

Kap LN BS epidemiology with flash card making ....... and
... FA neuro with flash card creating too nod

GL to menod, us nod, all nod


Dear Journal,

Had 2015 FA as brand new early last yr .
Not open much at all.
Now while seriously re start FA 2013 , wow, 2016 has lots more pictures but notes seems same or not much extra [ hopefully stay same the whole book wink ] .
I wonder 2016 what are extra and how many pages moreraised eyebrow

FA neuro still going, will do more these 3 days nod

Have a good wk end folks.

Study hard and be healthy nod

GL to menod, usnod, all nod


Dear Journal,

Down with bad bad cold for a while and seems not going away and worse again on and off.

Hope it will all gone totally soon and back to normal study wink

At least keep reading FA and few q daily nod.
But kap LN and q has to be paused sad

Will try to restart my BS and finished off epidemiology and stat soon.
When no stuffy head/nose with cold will start my physio kap LNnod

May God gives me the strength to cope with cold and strong enough to fight back to cold for better studying even during cold / sick daysgrinnod

Now time to rest and read in few hr for some good hrnod

Wishing all East coaster safe after big storm and no more sick days for all of usnod

GL to menod, usnod, all nod


Dear Journal,

Bad cold several hits with bad winter so now am more cautious to stay warm and inside.

Plan have to be catch up
BS KLN may have to do short cut way as FA , Q then KLN will seeraised eyebrow

also same time physio read & Q ... in order of KLN 1st hopefully instead of FA , Q, then KLN

On top of 2 subj KLN , FA and Q ... at least during sick days was and still manage to read FA and do Q in learning ways with friends.

Focusnod , not get sick again and not to get into too long hr to help others that nothing about study but for their social/family.

So pl check here to remind ur plan is KLN 30 p then 50 or 60 p aday to FA 5 to 10 to 15 to 20 p depends on the day .

Q later of the month self 10 Q [ after reading of KLN shall be in place in 1 wk ] , with friends lots as much as learning , adding extra in FA .

Will try update regularly so can keep on track and remind selfnod

GL to menod, usnod, all nod


Dear Journal,

FA is main only now going steadily.

Q depends on the day and free time.

BS, psy and physio KLN plan have to start today at least from FA too.nod so can do Q pretty soon.

So many fm things on wk end so better use today efficiently nod

FA 3.5 system more to go and rests of general. nod
Then review fA again along with KLN and Qs nodcoolnod

Reminder ... not to get sick again , stay away from crowd and sick ppl grin for now.
Do not loose ur focus , stay on track ... FA, Q, KLN etc nod

Have a good study wk end folks , I will .

GL to menod , usnod , all nod


Dear Journal,

Wow !

No idea that much long I can stay away from forumgrin

Well, by time winter just start in Feb and bad cold v cold so whole city got sick , we too for several hits of bad cold.

Then run into good friends big groups of FA and Qs so not even doing my kap Q yet due to lack of time. And could not come update here.

Currrently ......

Now some groups done , new small group started only few hr instead of whole days like b4 so hope can update here to keep on track my self .
.....With new Q group....... Has Q as learning to add and check FA along with so , ie random subj wise so far.
So far excellent.

Kap QB ......just started mo ago, but decided to read KLN, b4 continue Q , so ....Kap Q on hold ..... of doing but months of not using it on going disapproval.

Will ......start KLN read ... then, do kap Q subj wise in system or mix.
So ..... read KLN ...Physio , Pharm, Path ..... left over to ... do kap Q ... so will read KLN as per those subj, ..... b4 back to Kap Q.
Then ...... read rest BC, BS, Anat, Micro or Micro Anat ..... to redo ... Kap Q subj wise in system.
Then ...... mixed subj , system Kap Q .

Will see can overlap ...UW while almost done Kap mix Q or subj Q .

Ok, this spring is like winter then summer than rain , weired hot really hot to , rain alot then now windy to colder again. Anyhow better weather than v cold winter so , it's time to push as much in studying nod

May God give me the physical and mental an demotional strength to finish this journey beautifuly and with successful results to reach my dream destinynod

Dear All,

Pl ... pray for my sick elderly family member, health scare last few wks ago since but seems better just want to be sure no slipping back to bad health and come back with speedy , full recovery. She live far away from me with less fortunate health care facilities but still hoping , she gets teh best care as much as possible and family members there will not give up easily like they did ages ago on late elderly family member .

Thank you folksnod

GL GL GL happy, healthy, success study to menod, usnod, allnod

ps. I am back here though back on study all the time , just some small and tiny big break as per life, health , family flow.wink


Dear Journal,

Spontaneous able to helped out alot for friends, family especially for exm how and what to in this short wk end days non stop and late night to early morning.
May this good deed from my sincere, sharing and caring info will helps me getting good deed from someone with experties in this exm and residencies to good MD physicians nodsmiling face

Though could not restart physio KLN and Kap QB yet , the q doing is strong late night good long hr along w/ FA so far better and better .

Need to set time aside for KLN and kap Q on top of the Q w/ FA nod

Do not give up shwe, u are almost there b4 and now u can be there soonnod, no matter what , how busy u are .

You can Do it !!!nod

...... Physio KLN restart asap so can do ..... Kap Q . Keep it up nodcoolnod

When pick up the speed, pl do not forget to add your FA etc , then RR [ may be set as one subj days , not add on KLN and FA days.

GL GL GL happy, healthy, success study to menod, usnod, allnod


Dear Journal,

Been a while, busy with surprise friends family things .
Some good but some very scary confused.

I am trying to be strong focus on UW w FA [ as needed ] though no kap LN able to do but now all kinds of calm down [ still all good and scary things on going just not so bad and I am able to calm down ] so will start kap LN and kap Q while still doing UW w FA.

Physio , patho, pharm, pathophysio Kap LN and Q shall restart, also social Sc and safty from BS.

Plan ......
read LN physio, phram, path then do kap qs accordingly including pathphysio.
Ongoing UW w FA prn too in mix .

Then read rest of subj ... BC, BS, anatomy, micro in kap then do kap qs accordingly.

Now reading ... kap physiowink .
Q ... UW mix w FA prn and add facts in.smiling face

Some friends did exm some going to be soon, I shall be at my plan not to lost focus too.nod

GL GL GL happy success study to menod, usnod, all nod


Dear Journal,

Been for a while after scary things including family stuffs ... not able to post though had come to forum now and then.

Also busy in summer helping juniors, hosting them so having great summer holidays while keep studying daily [ almost ] though not whole day ... kap LN then quickly to UW few months then kap Q later w friends w FA [ kap LN prn ] then lately not long ago from Sept can do few days a wk only kap Q w FA [ read ahead b4 Q then lately only prn along w kap Q because time for Q is running ].

So never stop studying or big break like in past w some free OL kap too.

Finished QB are ... UW some Qs then kap Q ... in Physio then Patho [ almost done ].
Plan to do Patho physio then pharm in kap Q.

Will have few days break for holidays w family seeing mom not that well though better than summer scary time that slowed me down in studying to focus on her sometime.
May she getting better and well soon ... Dear God pl helps. Thank you.

To recap ... kap Q plan this yr was need to do Physio, Patho, Pathophysio and Pharm ... that alreday did kap Q Physio and almost finish Patho.

Life is full of surprise and have to be sure not loosing track of exmnod

GL GL GL happy, healthy, success study to me nod, usnod , allnod

ps this yr winter v v v cooooooooooooldsad sticking out tongue grin, not like last yr raised eyebrow
sticking out tonguedisapproval

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