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 High marks need motivation  

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Dear Journal,

Beautiful weather, have good family time this wk end but today is study day later after good lunch then hair cut [ may be ] for summer hot weathergrin

Keeping healthy eating and life style, active fresh air , sunshine for vit D .. to boost up stamina too.
Really clear the mind and back with full energy, after out to sunshine , fresh air, be active mostly mentally and emotionally nod without thinking any books, study .

Now on will have to do that family outting , active fresh air, under the sun to refresh , energize... healthy brain and all .

Winter mostly inside and at ur study desk long hr not helps much that sometime makes you slow in study with sick days without sunshine and fresh air and active life style [ my way of , not like big physical activities like big strong guy, but make sure you move around , instead of sit tight , stiff mind and body at study desk sticking out tongue that really not helping ur study speed or concentration nod].

Done some blocks Q so today will be new blocks.nod

Will try put down my study progress, plan, do and don't as few times a wk here for my record.smiling face

Have a good wk end, and great study wk ahead with long wk end coming nod

Plan today 1 to 2 block Q smiling face

GL to menod , usnod , all nod


Dear Journal,

Nice weather, wk end ... giving family time and fresh air outting smiling face

Ready for today study then late afternoon to honor friends' anniversary .

What a beautiful bright sunny though v windy ... good for thick sweather under neath the sun sticking out tongue

Plan smiling face......... do lots of kap nodqs [ main plan ] plus read nodkap as much .nod

Been busy ... nice weather with family plus Drs routein check up so not listenig Papi and reading FA now adays.shockedgrin

Coming wk stay put at desk ... Q Q Q , study study study kap Q and kap LNnod

My weak point confusedcannot say no to freinds in need near or far reality or cyber world, viber, net connections ...... better study 1st then friends after.

Summer coming , so friends are too ... but study 1st shwenod

.......nodStudy well in nod2 to 3 mo with nodQs kap then uw, while also kap LN, FA then more Qs ... last NBME to see what next nod, time is running shockedsmiling face

Have a good long wk end folksnod


GL to menod, usnod, all nod


Dear Journal,

Focusing on Q only for long months ... for me is a big mistake [ not realize till recently back to kap LN reading ] ... since now trying to re-read kap LN almost all like new especially in anatomy part sad especially neuro which I was good at that all time but ... without reading it again now and then ... I lost that pro neuro statusmadsad

Better not let kap LN out for longggggggggggg nodconfused

So now focus is ... LN kap & other theory books, Q just a supplement ... Never Ever let kap LN theory reading out of ur sight shwe even while doing Q ... get it nod

1st [ reminding for all steps ] and all time ... KAP LN and other readings ... [ not new one , but all u had read b4 except ... latest to add new in ... esepcially ... FA must be latest ] ... I answer Q well that way so .......... stop doing usual way ... read then just Qs ... but ...
... ur own way only ... which is best for you ... read and Q side by side nodcoolgrin

Doing 2 subj day and night differently that is the way of ... my own way when I started a while ago so ... yayyyy ... back on track nod

Soon after 2 subj done , will get Q online again and doing Q on side with kap LN reading nod... so 2 subj reading will be ahead of Qs [ Qs will be done 2 subj one ] so fort ... cycle will keep going ... while ... adding FA reading too nod

:nodgrinay kap Ln reading 4 to 5 hr with 10 to 15 min break .
nodNight kap Ln reading 3 to 4 hr without breaks mostly .
nodReading total ... 7 to 8 hr , sometimes 9 hr a day.
nodBe sure get ... short nap b4 night .. 90 min [ full sleep cycle to avoiding SE ] or nod30 min ...
or nodan hr depends ... b4 night reading starts ... if day reading drains ur brain sticking out tongue

Another mistake to correct ... stop going for smiling facefree on line courses especially short an hr one.
Be selective which free on lien u will do , do less so have ............
.... focused on kap LN theory & Q on side with FA adding nodcoolnod

Ok , back to reading nodsmiling facenod

Have a good wk end , study or not ... I do study 1 day and fm day 1 day on wk endsticking out tongue

GL to menod, us nod, all nod

Edited by shwe on Jun 05, 2015 - 8:28 PM


Dear Journal,

Mind bogging the neuro anatomy finally almost done. nod

Better open up review them soon smiling face again ... repetition in neuro nod

Weather v wide cold to hot, rain cycle goes on.
Like winter could not cut sleep hr yet sad

Anyway ... at least kap Ln reading is going on , moving steadilynod 2 subj at a day smiling face

Wish there would be clone can check e mail daily for me grin , hubby not doing so any moreshaking headconfused instead am the one checking all e mail for him toodisapprovalgrin

Well just have to check quick still taking time.

Anatomy and .. another kap LN will be done soonnodcoolnod 2 subj at a day wink
... 20 to 40 p each subj ... a day depends on how complicated smiling face with or without power nap in between nod

When ppl said 80 p aday , even I said no way but when focus , concentrate ... read out loud to hear ... u get it understand it or not ... really time is minor and u would /had done lots in hr and hr nod so ... no page calculation to see need how many days to finish but ... JUST DO IT ... then will be finish lots of pages in a day and done each in shorter than expected / calculated days nod if enjoying as reading to understand every words in kap LN nod ... instead of reading with anxiety to try to recite or by heartsticking out tongue and pushing to finishing lots in mind ... ie liek dragging legs not able to follow ur pace grin

K, enough for this wk journal, see u next wk nod ... with good news one subj will be done early next wk and, another at end of late next wk nod
Keep it up shwe !!!

GL to me nod, usnod, all nod

ps really miss all friends here, hope all doing ok in life and study [ if still in the game ]


Dear Journal,

1st subj kap LN read done .
Need to reread along with FA soon then UWnod.

2nd subj almost done, may be in few daysnod.

Starting 3rd subj ... that takes longer due to need to clarify what the LN said.
This one is slower than 1st 2 , hope will pick up speed ... still have to be sure done well, understand well instead of rushingnod

Weather really warm todaysmiling face

Have to let go kap Q I guess since kap LN read need more attention and focusgrin

One more day to study well b4 wk endwink

Go shwe ... go grinnod

Hope all have good study wk and great wk end too.
Will be busy wk end , study day and fm day nod

GL to me nod, us nod, all nod


Dear Journal,

Been for a whiel not able to updat.

But good busy reading Kap LN so no time to come here.

Done ...
... patho... but nee dto catch up 1st few chpts ... then have to review detail then Q uw or kap not decided yet.

Almost done ...
... anatomy ... but slower due to other things come up on top of need to varify what the notes saying so lots of references from other books to webs etc ... take time ...
hope finish in 1 wk or 10 days more .
Note It is only few hr read but non stop later in day compare to patho long hr read with tiny 10 to 15 min break and fresh start in early day .
The earlier hr always reading faster , smoother and make sense sticking out tongue
Later hr ... brain blocks and could be like what it is saying after read the linegrin

Good running is ...
... physio ... almost 1/2 doen though starting not long ago... still need to supplements with other or older book some time since newer kaplan cut out lots of explaination but better point , clearer lay out . Might help for quick review. Note... Slower than patho read .

Have a good wkend and wk ahead in studying and fm, work etc ... me too nod

Weather ... no sun, windy, cold, cloudy , heavy rain ... more than usual Jun, so July will be too. May eb no mor ehot summer since few yrs back worse last yr so this yr may be, will see.

But study have to go on to finsih last detail reading hopefully since the Q trends, the Kap LN change here and there with more basic Sc correlation with the clinical aspects.

Will try to update wkly at least to keep track of learning nod

Happy news some finished residency , heading to newer state for advanced career and new homenod Some to new state to start residency ... congratulation friend here nod

GL to menod, usnod , all nod


Dear Journal,

Kaplan anatomy older books bigger , clearer, later shorter , skip lots just point like FA confused so end sup spending time looking for at other books, webs.
Same go for kaplan physio madgrin

Well at least had other books and older kaplan [ which has full of notes but not clean enough for reviewsticking out tongue] to open up .

So 2nd thought shall I stick to older books with full of notes or newer one with less info and explaination but lots of new trends and info for current style raised eyebrow

Be strong , keep going and focus shwenod
Think you're learning anatomy , physio basic for last time ... may be if st 2CK , st 3 not much those but now aday all overlap disapprovalsmiling face

So anatomy will take more days but study longer hr last night hope can do that every night to speed up anatomy, kind of frustrated being with it for longer than expected.

Focus, be patient , learn well nod What you need to do you have to do and , do it wellnod

Happy 4th of JUly and have a good one everyone nodcoolnod

Till next time wink

GL to menod, usnod, all nod


Dear Journal,

Very nice sunny day though cool side, not ike hot summer days.

Today plan ...
...starting review physio b4 forgetting what I understanding well .

May add ... abit anatomy review in general / embryo ... so can do Q, ?? kap, for anatomy.

May God granted me the strength to go through this long , tuff journeynod

Mid wk so better start the review nod.

Have a great study wk everyone and great summernod
After happy 4th of July long wk end family time , now is our study timenod

Gl to menod, usnod, allnod


Dear Journal,

Been for a while cause my net, pc crush .

Studying still keep going at least nod

So far ... all kap LN reading ... with well understanding with correlating nod

1. Patho ... done , smiling faceneed 1st 6 chpt to catch up.
... need... Golj, , watch ... ?? pathoma
2. Anatomy ... done well.nod

3. Physio ... last few chpt then will be done soonnod

4. Immu ... 3/4 donenod
then ... micro or pharm raised eyebrow

5. BC ... will start v soon nod

So BS will be last one to read nod

Will do kap Q after reviewing ... kap LN read and FA 2015nod
Hopefully UW after kap Q without need to do kap LN again grin

summer ... good outing while studying too .......... so pm me folks , will not able to visit forum much .

Have a good summer and studyingnod

GL to menod, usnod, all nod


Dear Journal,

Busy with summer usual norm, dentist apt and not even go for routine check up appts book yet.
Busy summer ... do have wk end fun with fm so fresh on wk day an dlots of vit D on wk end nodsticking out tongue
Could not up date right away of study subj some done ......

... Immu done for a while and
... micro starting , running well .

... Physio done beautifully for a while and
... BC starting sticking out tongue so far so good.

so recap ... done .... anatomy but some hy may need to add in when review.
done .... patho with 1st 6 chpt to catch up in review, papi, RR/pathoma one of that.
done ... physio, need well review with formula to memorize too .
done ... immu well , need lots of memorization when review. going well/strong ... micro &
... BC

.................still need to read .............. pharm &
...... BSnod
big Plan .............. FA 2015 /13 hopefully can start 1 or 2 hr daily on top of kap LN readingnod

Q ... needs to do soon , will see may be UW 1st kap later depends ..... which on sale 1st sticking out tongue

Have a great summer folks nod

GL to menod, us nod, all nod


Dear Journal,

Hope all studying well though not much update in journal world.

So far ... BC and ... micro going well, strong.

Lots to memorize after well consciously focus concentrate on understand well read/ discuss nod

Old notes better in notes with high light, marks though new one has new add on facts but less explain so hard to understand.
So need to write new facts in old or just open new while base on old notes like did in past timewink

Have a good study wk all, me toonod

GL to menod , usnod, all nod


Dear Journal,

Busy busy the summer , the family, close friends , far away friends from school time .......... no regret just busy having good time totally and also studying on day when not have to host them .

Left few genetics pages , micro viral still on so far not bad though a bit slow due to unexpected but good visitors.

Totally not start yet pharm and BS but easy subj .
BC if done am v happy .

So did well in past months Patho but 6 chpt to catch up, Anatomy, physio . nod
Left to do totally pharm, BS .nod
On going micro at viral and , BC at med genetics [ almost done 40 p left ] the BC will be done.

Will not update much cause daily busy especially wk end and have to catch up study and sleep.

Hope soon review all subj then Q to start after 1.5 subj review done in coming months or 2 .nod

GL to menod, usnod, all nod


Dear Journal,

Summer seems over .
No complaint.
Very hot actually too hot this long wk end till today starting raining , cooler and cool down at night . Coming wk end will be much lower temperature.
Means outing over and guest hosting done mostly, just few times now and then but just for fun not like intense hosting showing , shopping grin

Better study today after great everyday out long wk end except last day too hot so we stay in but do not much just organized home and eat , cook, relaxgrin

The BC almost done.
Micro viral half way through.

What shall be next BS or phram ... will see.

Have to start the review soon b4 forgetting well read , understand old and new topics.

One thing especially BC lots of old one not in new at all even may be need to know or to know to understand next topics or para in new and old.

Amazingly , forum is totally quiet, no one is prep for st 1 or ???
Anyhow, will keep on track, focus on my path , hope all preppers are well in studying instead of no news in forum.

Will update now and then not much this wk, till next timesmiling face

Oh last long wk end on last day stayed in and have lots of comedian show on line watching nodso I'm fully refresh and rechargenod

GL to menod, usnod, all nod

Edited by shwe on Sep 09, 2015 - 10:05 AM


Dear Journal,

Smooth studying got a bit hiccup ........... family got sick so me tooshaking head ... just bad cold .
Hardly can breath, with irritating throat and dry cough, fever, headache.
Usually I did not get sick so hard to study these days.

At last 2.3 subj .............. running smoothly ........
ie micro 1/4 left, pharm done few chpt only which supposed to be more chpt , BS not start yet.
Rest all other subjs done so ready for FA and Q kap [ to start next month online] then this crazy bad cold happened ... I am a fighter ......... will get it over soon with all med western, eastern, remedies etc.

Rest most of the time since bad cold started few days ago.
So now better, tomorrow will be ok and best after all nod
Good to get cold in late summer than in fall or winter sticking out tongue

GL to menod, us nod, all nod


Dear Journal,

Been on few days break though not able to post here was busy studying and also hosting guests in town .
Still one group for few wks then Dec may be few friends will show up in town, will see.

1 subj left plus few subj almost done .

But decided to review at start for 1 or few subj for last detail run like read, listen may be record lecture voice self b4 continue those left and those need to finish. Will see.

Kap Q will restarted soon hope by time at least 1 or 2 subj done well .
Today pull out books and notes of to review but no chance since morning... books are sitting at desks and pc open but some emergency of friends up ok now . so hope after dinner early, will start my study ... aim 50 page at least a day but to night will be less cause starting only at night.

Will start with immu soon, then finish it to continue with micro then
Side by side patho or pharm not choose yet.

Will try to post update remind self here as much.

Hope all prepper all ok, since too quiet here.

GL to menod, usnod, all nod


Dear Journal,

Finish immu chpt 1 ...

natural and acquired 2 systems , comparison too.

Then busy with guests for few wks now back to normal this wk.

Will continue immu then micro is 1st target of review detail. Then path or pharm .
Then kap Q online not immu or micro those done in past ... will see ...
left over for kap q are ... physio, patho, pathophysio and pharm . To do those especially pharm ... need to know micro, immu though.

On side FA 2015 hope will start too for few pages a day .
Can't wait.

Have a good wk folks.

GL to menod, usnod, allnod


Dear Journal,

Been away from here and away from books study too.
Later is not as plan but last minute closed relatives pop up in my place for almost a monthmad so hosting in cold weather going out with bit intense advanced up to date fm med knowledge in 1st wk then got sick from their bugs from out of country ... guest gone and not sick any more but ... why am I still getting really really bad cough, chest tight, abd mus pain due to intense coughing ... though no more fever ............. been 2 wk ... post pond all dental, routine check up drs appts etc, coughing that bad ............. have to sleep sitting up to avoid coughing and easy breathing ............any one have that worst cold in this side of western world ??
What is the Dx ?
Had early flu shot already not suppose to get bad cold or flu .... may be bugs is out of other continent that hit me so hard on top of too busy out ... day and night including eating cold meal mostly out with snacks are dessert sugar , no good, but no choice ....on top of not enough sleep and warm nutritious food .

Hope this is 1st and last cold , flu then all study , study 12 hr a day hopefully.

Post pond kap q to start this wk end , no matter what have to start along with kap LN review along side with FA and etc ke .

To start which subj ... review and kap q .... kap q only path, physio, pharm and pathophysio left .... but to tag along with frd ... BS or BS with immu and micro ?
Can I do 3 subj ... BS, immu micro, physio ... may be too much ... will try , will see and come back to update what works this time.

Better focus health and study , no more guest even closed relatives nodsmiling face

Happy thanksgiving and happy shopping folks... I will miss shopping this time.

Plan ........... kap LN review well, high light and
do kap q and
FA and pathoma later not sure will see.

GL to menod, us nod, all nod


Dear Journal,

Will update regularly .

Plan ...
target .......
50 page kap LN
50 Q kap with corresponding FA marked or read too
but will start slow like 30 p, 30 q when still sick but will start asap .

BS to start with immu micro on side ... kap LN .
For kap Q ... physio after kap LN nod
Might alternate day of 3rd subj ie physio if could not do 3 subj every day ... will see.

Need 4th time frame for Q so 3 hr each for 4 slots.
BS ... then immu micro then physio then Q physio .
If not working will move physio to 1st 2 session but am night owl so it might works well.

GL to me, us, all nod


Dear Journal,

Decided will skip black Friday this time.

After brunch will open FA and kap BS then kap Q in later .
Today BS only .

Tomorrow will open immu too .

Hope Monday will open physio toonod

Am not tooo greedy in studying I guesssticking out tongue

GL to me, us, all nod


Dear Journal,

Almost got 2nd cold so am trying to sleep more instead of intense non stop studying.
Better and weather mild again helps too.

Though study plan not much , got v good online lectures . I am glad had decided to attended st 3 lectures long hrs that lots of basic correlations too that refresh my knowledge.

I am now doing ... BS from the start, chp 1 , 1st 1/3 part .
..... Incidence and Prevelence .....
Lots of thinking Qs and got it after in new 2013.
Any more extra in 2015 ??
Will have to find out if can find one.

Planning BS for ..... 10 days to ..... 2 wk most with all festive and gatherings in between.
Immu and micro on side when BS in good speed.

End of month is to start ..... Kap Q anyway, no matter what .
Means physio will starting too.
Might change plan physio switch to immu, micro for better ready for kap Q end of the month for physio depends how healthy enough to do long hr intense speedy studyingnod

Will update few days a wk to save time for study toosmiling face

GL to me nod, usnod , allnod

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