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 High marks need motivation  

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Author2412 Posts

Dear JOurnal,

Busy wk, not much done in study .

Doing Golj audio nodalong with notes nod
and pathoma [ reading only so far ] ,
later is ... faster than formal even if u make notes .

Hope will start soon ...
........kap LN reading and will see any other of kap can follow including
.....kap Q left over...... path, pathphysi, physi, pharm .

FA ... shall be in later , will let FA rest for now.

Have a good wk end studying too folks nod

May weather better and no sick ppl around , in city sticking out tongue

From winter land officially spring alreadynodgrin

GL GL GL and happy healthy success study to me nod, all nod


Dear Journal,

Doing patho in
Pathoma and
Golj audio when comes to hemato kind of slow u downraised eyebrow .

Now trying to do BC from ch 1 .
Then translation makes you tired sticking out tongueconfused

So I guess just have to jump 2 subjs, when ever one is stuck grin

Then hopefully middle of month will restart kap Q left over the
patho ,
then physio,
then pathophysio, and the
last is pharm after that do all again nod

So Reading main , Q side by side ... Q has FA, & Pathoma & KME refernces so will be fun game to browse those referal pages +/- read those .

Key is read all the answers well nod

Happy Easter and lucky easter eggs hunts for mom with children.

Have a good long wk end and enjoy your long wk end with family and studay some toonod

Will have dinner out to night with family ... Indian or Japanese ... any suggestions ?
Tomorrow may be shopping out of town and out of town another Indian Restaurant winknod

GL GL GL happy success healthy study to menod , us nod, all nod

back to action nodcoolnod


Dear Journal,

Finally wetaher warmer though still cool side.

Study clearly have to do kap LN along with Kap Q .
No stopping, interruption this time and NO DISTRACTIONS.

If you truely want it makes it happensnod

1. LN ... 4 to 6 hrnod daily for nod" kaplan LN "nod with fully understanding, with some exception days as essential off days for fm .
Aiming nod2 chpt or more a day . Will know when speed after few days then keep record herenod.

High light, underline, make notesnod

2. Q ... 1 block nod46 Qs kap OL ... ie study 2nd session ... will try out doing kap Q online tutor in subj after each kap subj done or topics done.

Along with Q open nodbooks like FA, etc as kaplan Q refers to with minimum , hopefully no need to open kap LN .
Not sure will open up pathoma or not ?????

3. Not sure possible , depend son the days of brain function well or not
nodGolj ... 1 hr nodaudio ... listening his lecture.

4. This is optional or wish ... can do ... Dailynod just b4 ZZZZZZZZZZZ
nod FA few pages 3... 5 is target ... lately 10 ???

5. Also another optional / wish list ... Daily nod
nodPathoma few 5 to 10 pages after Golj or alternating as night time story

1. Kap LN read 2 chpt at least depend on the chpt length and complicationssticking out tongue
2. Kap Q OL 1 block nodcoolnod

Just to remind self and keep track and look back after to see how it works or need to modifynod

One thing this forum sooooooooooo quiet.
So I amy just talking to self grin but good active way to keep on track , never fall out or to side nod

GL to me nodand happy success healthy study and if any one out there to all studying , exm prepper too nod

[ never give up nod , life can delay you but cannot stop you nod ]


Hi Shwe!
I'm back
I'm glad that u kept studying
Good luck with ur studies
Keep going smiling face


Hey sis , good to see you back.

I also have gap during holidays Dec, Jan then sick so now restarting hopefully will stick to my own schedule this time wink

Come here post ur update .

I am going to start my kap Ln , FA and hopefully Q too and Goljan nod

Keep studying , don't give up nod

Have a good wk end and great wk ahead with study too nod

Finally spring is here though cold windy but sunny , no snow or freezing rain grin

GL to menod , usnod , all nod


shwe wrote:
Hey sis , good to see you back.

I also have gap during holidays Dec, Jan then sick so now restarting hopefully will stick to my own schedule this time wink

Come here post ur update .

I am going to start my kap Ln , FA and hopefully Q too and Goljan nod

Keep studying , don't give up nod

Have a good wk end and great wk ahead with study too nod

Finally spring is here though cold windy but sunny , no snow or freezing rain grin

GL to menod , usnod , all nod

Thanks for encouragoing me smiling face
Yes!!!!. Finally the weather is getting better...thank God!!!
Ik my friend we can't give up. We have to do this!!!!. 2015 has to be our year of goals achievement wink
How was ur study this weekend?, mine was horrible, but I want to encourage u to update here everyday although we haven't studied that much...what do u think?
Good luck with ur study schedule for this week my friend
I hope I'll see ur updates everyday and mine too hahaha wink


Hi B250 ... why not sis......... game on .
Lets post daily

Today heavy rain, windy, back to winetr likemadgrin can't beat me down.
I wear very warm so ok going out.

Done dinner, will do ... few Q or 1 block .... randomly or subj then sleep, not sure will be able to ..... listen Papi ... so far focusing ... hemato pretty cool, good.

What is urs journal for study or not today pl post wink
sticking out tongue game on ...... daily post of study or notsticking out tonguenod

Will eb raining , windy , whoel wk , coldddddddddddd ... abit too early saying spring is here disapproval... but no snow so ... why not grin

See you tmr Bakita25o sis nod

GL to menod, usnod , allnod


Any time sis B250...

I accept ur challenge ... post daily in journal ... or not here I comesticking out tongue


... Papi listening will be as much since good buffering ... when tired doing Q or ... reading pathoma or while ... browsing webs sticking out tongue .

Had started ... BC molecule ... seriously ... so will stick with it and patho like ...
... Papi audio and ... depends on teh day and situation ... pathoma reading as side projects as ... out let not as serious grin

How's ur physio kap Ln today raised eyebrowgrin

See u tmr nod
Don't foget to post daily here and yours and check daily too grinnod

GL to me nod, usnod, allnodcoolgrinnodsticking out tongue


I posted my update a little late,but I did it grin
And I saw u did it too.....yay
Good luck with ur schedule tomorrow wink
And good luck to me too hahaha


Where r u Shwe?
How was ur study today?


Dear journal,

Always wear like winter ... do not get sickkkkkkkkkmadsad
Almost .......... my teeth and chin, jaws were fighting sticking out tonguesadwhen step out of taxi , yes too windy, cold , pouring rain which umbrella cannot hold and open upsid edown so spend for taxi money shockedto get into train station ....... windy, cold, no sun, pouring rain ...... all here.
Try not to blow away by the wind disapprovalgrin

So last 2 d not much just try to rest, not to get into real sick day , sleep , rest lots today will have to start Q pretty soon with double speed ...nodsad

Better but freezing rain and snow, less wind still windy , no sun still.

Staying warm, heta back on, hot meals etc and rest well , sleep 8 hr instead or 4 to 6 hr to get back to fit study well speednod

Plan today .......
Will do double q ... kap QB , then ... listen to papi end of the daynod or read
... pathoma .

BC too much for day end , will do tomorrow morning nod

I miss my spring and summer confused

GL to menod, usnod, all nod


Hi sis B250 was so tired and could not do any including update here yesterday sad

Am better , back to fit health not sick so will do qQB double ... doing Q kap in path, pathphysio, parm, physio what ever in grin

See u later alligatorsticking out tongue

Back to ... q kap have to speed up
then hopefully .....

...............pathoma read wbc left to finish.
RBC done [ may be review ] if have time , energy after ...

..............Papi's talks in hemato ....... pretty cool, good still though old one.

See you later winknod

GL to me nod, us nod, allnod


I hope u r feeling better Shwe!!!
R u doing kaplan qbank?
Keep going!!!, we can do this nod
Good luck with ur studies!!!


You're welcome.

Thnx, better but colder so ahve to be v v careful, bundle up when ever going out .

Few Q yesterday even plan ahead to meet out of town niece [ did Q b4 out ] but not todaysad

Good to know you get it how and when to tackle the tough chpwinknod

You can do it mor eon your free Saturday.

Working full time every wk day ??
Try listen Goljan , watch pathoma in and out on train or bus or rest then will have better energy to study few lines when homegrinnod

GL to menod , usnod


Dear Journal,

Finally spring is here though still need 1 sweater and one thin jacket cause of wind but 1st time yesterday you only need normal layers for spring nod, so no more winter liek cold or snowcool

Teacher , friend sfrom far awya will be in town June, July so better study this April ,May to be done most nod


miss good sp in past, now aday ppl say be serious but they are not themselves so ..........mad wasting time replying , adding on skype.

I am used to be self discipline study self since school yrs so , then yrs back starting helping frds then get hook with sp study that habits slow self down when no sp ... wrong perception ............ shwe ... u can do it.
Back to book and be with you tube or any video teacher, free online as your sp best one nod plus ur online QB nodcoolnod

Scary even few touch of kap Q ... so many new ways of asking new concepts not in any books or online teaching sad well at least know b4 in exm rm ........ dr lives never ending learning but that new concepts is nothing to do with clinical just the technical , too basics in BC mad.........nonsensegrin God pl help us as clinicians to get fair and square clinical application of basic sc as they said it will be like that.

Now safety practice ...... isn't it we IMG already learn b4 raised eyebrowbut let see what is the tricks of words, phrases......... bring it on ......... we shall be ready nodsticking out tongue

Mix Q ... plus plan to review ... BC cell mol did read with sp [ not any more as sp wish , no more sp shwe ... keep studying well self as you usually did after helping so many good frds as sp gives more take less by time, now is ur time only u take all from books, lectures , Qs nod] ... do miss some good sp though as friends ......... most matched , some moved on something .

So stick to my plan ...
... kap Q 1st , quick few blocks a day in May
... Papi's talk now on hemato almost done ...
b4 bed or while checking e mail , on line etc
... FA 2015 , ... if not tired
For now Q 1st so ... Kap lecture BC cell mol ... will be depends , most probably in Jun... along with Q kap or uw will see, FA , ...

GL to me nodcoolnod, usnod, all nod


Dear Journal,

Finally warm weather here.

May month , my ... Q kap month.
On side ... Papi speech and ... FA when ever can add.

Have a good study month folksnod

Debating rx Q to get it or not since discount here , may be not nowgrin

Stick to kap Q , kap read, FA , Papi, RR, ?? Pathoma... and UWnod

GL to menod , usnod, all nod


Happy Mother's day !

Finally warm warm weather is here.

Have a good wk end and great wk ahead.nod

Q some really not related to medicine but in Q as new facts so , just have to be sure I know it smiling face

So many good news of forum members passed with great score, flying color and sharing experinces... most similar resources but with each unique extra ones.raised eyebrow

Better stick with common things are common and move fast nod

For QB in this month ... keep moving ... then kap , FA , UW nod

What a v quiet st 1 forum, sounds I am the only one here.
Hope all studying too thoughbehind the forumsticking out tongue

GL to me nod, us nod, all nod


Dear Journal,

Here so cold liek winter this whole wk .
Every one in city get sick, coughing too, so better sleep, eat well to get bets immune to not catch any cold .

Usually warm weather I slept 5 to 6 hr and try mor estudy but have to wait till it warm again sad

Strange usually after vacation , u come back fresh an dstudy mor eproductive.
But this tiem may be v cold winter or vacation is too long ... hard to get back in consistant , intense study . Have good and bad days confused

It just need snap out of the cold weather emotionally no matter what the weather isnod

Warm clothing, hot food and drink that will help me keep going .
Finally back on track just to night grin

Hope all folks also ok and study well. Out of sick days too nod

Trying finishing Q then next mid JUn month is FA 2015 and , kap LN , patho golj RR , audio , ?? pathoma and will see can put in UW soon too.
kap Q in 2013 FA already ... no more rm for UW so ... now 2015 FA will have UW Q ... that's the plan .

GL to me nod, us nod, allnod


Hey shwe when r you planning to write the exam?


Hi ThousandWishes7 ....... hopefully in 5 to 6 months more or less, will see.

Have to be done all study well and all Qs plus NBME few to see am good to go ... then that is the day wink

Offcourse have to study hard to get it sooner and with best outcomenod

Good warm weather is a big help for long hr , intense study nod

Hope we can start FA soon smiling face

GL to me nod, usnod, all nod

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