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 High marks need motivation  

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Dear Journal & Friends,

Thought will be silent reader. Study quiet. So start few days ago with Anatomy.

1. JOURNALS .................

Study 2 days ago since as follow.......
1st day is very good. Done 51 pages, 2 times. Just to familial with it , &
keep info , learning without noticing method.
Will see.

But 2nd day... have some EM house stuff came up, ie yesterday. So loss track, motivation, therefore set this journal up to keep track from today & now on.
Also peers here will watch you ,so as like the student in here, it will make you study more, steadily too, since , you are here to answer your atttending. If not, some one will always come up & shout out your name to check your roll call. Better not be absence.

Encouragement/Motivation/ GOOD NEWS.........
Will catch up, cause if sit for long day or half day can finish a lot of pages.
Try it you will amazed,[ how much excuss, time we waste, wondering or just simply freeze cause of scare or afraid to get fail or face the exam.]
I never know till I time it with page no.

Been working crazy, FT, long hr for not far away past for good long yrs for both financial reason or good excuss to delay the exam.But never loss the track, been in touch with books intensely & less .
Now time to give study more time for serious study.

Plan set , will stick with it..............
read more & more a day, repeat more, then when have understand it ,then will be doing QBs. Not FA fan. But as a rule will do it in at 2 or 3 reading.In between if check mail or forum will listen goljan.

2. WILL USE .........
all kaplan, FA, kap QB, QB, simulated,

may be Goljan patho rapid review, notes if can figure out which one & where , Robbins Review, UW Q,
do not know BSS yet , 1997 so too old.

Will repeat above as much as possible.

Last .... USMLE CD, NBME.
Exam in summer.


...Know what went wrong, get it right before too deep.........
Mistake in these few days, though start 1st day with very good speed, concentration, which surprise me , thought will be very difficult to start, NOOOOO, I did start easily & good even have time to read more. But I didn't cause it was the start, 1st day, so I reward self enjoy watching TV, run into BONES, used to be active strong, but that one was so soft emotional with good guy feel guilty not able to save bad one[ it is the aim of the bad one, he accomplished it]. See life is tricky the EM come up from no where after good 1st day, fair or unfair, so we need to put aside that negative thought.

but BIG MISTAKE .... should have read more on good 1st day, so can compansate the EM day.
......also browse too much forum, dl check, personal EM come up & let it drag self back. EM is just part of the life, get over it.


Will not post that long in next post, but will try to post every day.
Now will continue next 50 to 100 or more anatomy pages.


Confusion in cell surface, how many types, what it looks like in light or hight power or electron? Tight Junction[Z.O] etc. 3 or 4 types. kap notes confused.
Not get it crystal clear, guss know but guss do not know. Will see.


6. TODAY....
Will finish 50 or more, so now 50 behind for yesterday.
Will catch up, promise, promise.

GL to all, happy & success study.
Shwe, IMG, Senoir grad. age is just the no., stay young folks.


Good Luck Shwe...just stay focused and you will do fine. I know it seems like you have alot on your plate but just know that this pain will be for a short while and then your life will be smooth. Dont get stuck on things. Move along and you can always come back to stuff you felt you didnt understand. I feel that makes me study so much better. You can do it!


Thanks Gimbugie.

Will focus.

Happy & success study.
Yes, I can do it. We all can.


smiling face

Done all histo. more than one , most 2 times. Will read, Rv then do chpter end Q.

Will go & buy FA 2007, Rapid Rv path[ no CD in 2nd edition], on week end.


Does any one sleep at all. No coffee, but very awake, need to rest.
We are just starting so better rest then study.



Stay tooo late cause, still alert so study late.
Will Rv all histo today.
Then will continueembro, back & Nerve.

All will finish today.




Will have to go to DT to buy FA 2007. Goljan patho. R new one, 2nd edition , no CD, but with online & alot cheaper. Hope same as 1st one.

Robbins R., latest 2004, have to order, if like to buy.


Where is Sister Gimbugie?
Hope her cold is better.

Hey likes your last phrase, self imposed jail, can I add as prisoner or princess of the castle in the place of nowhere .
We all try to get to some where we love to do as physician.
Are you reading system wise or just more than one subject on every day?

I found out you are the only one like me, XX, have family, child, study 3 yr. non seriously off & on.
Now try to be serious, target in summer.
No wonder, you got me, understand me sis.

Mistake ysterday, study too too late. Woke up with unclear head, muscle tense on neck.
Will be careful, not study too late, cause today not that productive, also try to help alot of known , unknown IMG to get their EM to solve.
Hope, god hear us, reward me back as good heart. May be or not.


GL to you & me too.



Focus on studying, week end is here, do not lost the tracks.

To finish Anatomy in nooooooooooooo time.

Keep it up.





Histo kap, some are not clear. May need more, but how much it will ask.

shaking head



Hey Shwe! I have been reading your messages...I totally understand what you are talking about. I was thinking of studying systemwiise but it didnt work for me so i stuck to it subject wise. When you are reading it the first time dont worry about all the little details. Just doing the first read feels like a huge accomplishment. Then you can start weeding through all the stuff in the second read. So please dont worry you will get the bigger picture after the first read.

Seriously my boy is my source of inspiration. Yesterday I felt so bad because I only saw him fo 30 mins before he went to sleep. But it pushes me to get out of this soonersmiling face Message me anytime you need totalk...good luck and keep it up!


Thanks Gimbugie.
I am just worry, since you're silent.

Good to hear from you.
Thanks to answer my call.

Anatomy, had read 3 yr. ago with light speed rate, so now should I call it 1st read again, I guess.I am trying to read as 2nd read, but may be should not.
Lets keep it 1.5 read then.nod

Have to go down town to buy FA, Path. Rapid R. today OR
Should I buy after this 1.5 read done ?

Best wishes,
GL, Happy & Success studying,
Your sis,



Hello Shwe...well FA I like to read along with my reads esp since you are doing it systemwise...Im strictly sticking to Kaplan. I did that before where I was jumping from book to book and it just confused me. Stick to one book only. Have confidence. Its an exam you have to conquer in your head as well. Let me know if I can help in any way.


Gimbugie, thanks. I will not buy the books.
If at the end of study ,still have time, will , might buy.
From now on will stick to kap only.
Do have old FA, 2003.

Need help for how many days to read , how many pages, Q to do a day, an hour.
I have set it for 5 to 6 month already with all kap Q, 350 path Q, rapid pathR, Fa later too with all repeats.
But some old folk, genious[ may be real or not] show up from no where to say done all kap notes 2 read in 2 to 2.5 month without tapes/dvd at all after 2 read with tapes. Say will use kap Qbank, 2000 abt Q for 3 month then , will be Exam at 2 or 3 month later. No FA, No path rapid R., no other Q at all. So that person will done exam 2 or 3 month earlier than us.
Any way. Sorry to complaining.

GL, stay calm.
People just remember you when need help, answer. No us here , guys.


Dont worry abt other peoples methods...those are just guidelines and everyones rate of doing this is different. Keep at your own pace and set an amount of pages you need to do and follow that goal and always give yourself 2-3 days extra b/c with kids you just never know.


Thanks, I will not since I never did/does by others method.

Thanks for re inforcing to keep my ground firm.

Last, not the least, almost forget to give extra 3 days.[ forget I've kid , more than one, my boy & my boyfriend alike , actually hubby.]
Without that few extra days, I feel tense, less productive may be[not yet, now only my 1st week].
So now I feel relieve, relax, will be long good weeks from now on.nodnod:


Dear Journal,

When study, it is good.

When try to calculate the pages, Q to read, to review more than one times, it took a lot of your study hrs away. It makes you nervous, worry too.But no fixed days or pages or Q come out as set result.

Then try to catch up the study on same day, turn out to be finishing a lot, more than lowest expectation pages.
That shows, you can do more pages than you realized, if starting early, 1st thing in the morning, instead of keep on calculating time, pages, Q & days left/ to go.
So will just study that makes me finished more than the calculted pages.Will put aside the worry, am I going to finished that much.

Good one, review/repeat more is less productive than read while try to catch all words & understand it clearly too. In that later way, retain a lot. That will save time to repeat same for 4 or more times like all said.So can do all plan Q, books, instead of do only one limited books for all the time again & again leading to less active, less retaining the concepts, subjects.
Slowly & steady is better than rushing & craming. CAUSE it leads to More stable, never forget knowledge, that just nail in your head, mind!!!

Good job!!! After 1 week of starting, with the help of friends from here & distract of friends, etc from out side, I got / found my firm old study style & following it. Just like back to my Med school early yr. studying the basic medical subjects.
Only missing, real slides with microscope, labs & experiments, dissection of small to big stuff, etc.Oh well so , that saves me the breaking slide accidentally while trying to adjust the focus. Also no need to use perfumes strong one to over come morbid or dissection section.Etc , etc of saving other extra jobs.

May all find their most productive ways of study & pass it with high marks!!!
All best & above wishes to all & us too.nodwinkgrin


Dear Journal,

Cold winter is here. Stay warm, drinks hot coffee, study fine.
Likes to speed up later.
Reading kaplan in 2nd round of the same section. that make you more understand, also kind of remember all the words in books.
May those knowlege stay clear & long for life & appear in the exam room too!!!!!
nodnodnodnodnodwinkgrinsmiling facenod


You seem to be doing great SHWE! Keep up the good work!

When do you plan to write the exam?

Good luck once more.... nod


Thanks prep4,

Thought exam will be in May, June, by prepering for 3 month.But do not think it will workable. Though like to get 2008 match, exam seems like in summer, not spring.
Seriously start this month, but been so behind now.Have read very off & on for a while [took yrs , cause on FT long hr work], & done all 7 subjects one time or some are more.
So now is like the new start, but better than 1st start before. Just need to read more detail, more attention to it than last time[read very quick, think very quick, no in depth thought,some time even no thinking at all, just read like news paper with fast speed].

Any advice.Will do the Q BK, Q BNK in next 1 or 2 read.

Are you going to do path goljan Rapid Review, UW Q , NBME, kap simulated, USMLE CD too? USMLE CD, on line official one dl it , but cannot get & open. Any special program needed?

How is your thesis? Seems almost done from 5000 to 2000 words more.

Sorry , mail abit long.

nodnodnodnodnodnodnodnodsmiling face


Hi keepgoing,

You're welcome. I'm just starting last week, finished histo. Still on anatomy. No Q yet, may be next 2 or 3 read. What subject are you in?
Which Q you're doing, kap Q book or bank or other special?

I also review/repeat previous section, day or days after.Your way of chapt, Q is a good style.You're right, we can answer all after each chapt, if do the same chapt Q. FALSE SECURITY, we'll get.
Will do Q way as you did when know the chpt better, in later round read.Now just doing reading , review day or days later, instead of doing Q.

Keep tracking, I'll at your journal too. Since have same style in terms of books, study let move along well. Let support, motivate each other here & there.
Saw goljan complete notes, slides, audio, Q banks , web prep 2006 last night in patho forum . Too late, so check this mornig, it gone. It is from link st 1 Any idea? where will it be?

Happy studying
TO YOU & ME & all


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