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 IMG Friendly Programs - Psychiatry  

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psychiatry (2003) interviews. I am from Argentina, grad 2000, 99 and 95 (steps 1 and 2) Trouble with CSA. USCE

Got interviews at:
St Luke's Roosevelt (NYC)
Harvard South Shore (Brockton, MA)
Beth Israel MC (NYC)
University of Connecticut (Farmington, CT)

Then did not pass CSA by a little. Too bad!


Me again- Graduated 2000, Argentina. USMLE Step 1 , 99, Step 2, 95. Volunteer work in research team in New York (1 yr and then through the internet) Externship at Jamaica Hospital, New York. Applied to 35 programs, got 8 interviews, did not match. Lost a lot of money and a boyfriend in the way to this. Up to my ears in debt (how many hours should I work in Argentina to pay off my debts?)

Sorry to the people who wanted the list of programs. The messages requesting them went automatically to my Yahoo bulk folder and I saw them only when I logged on this website again. Besides, the files cannot be opened for some reason (the secretary from Psychiatry at Jamaica Hospital gave us that list. She is the kindest woman on earth)

Where I went this time (old, hairy and everything)


-Beth Israel, New York

-Dartmouth, New Hampshire (fanciest , most beautiful place on earth, friendly and approachable program director, top quality for research and academics, very SWAP otherwise, some residents friendly and a few standoffish) If I were blond and blue eyed like my mommy I could make the attempt of squeezing in there.

-Maine Medical Center (this one should have been my # 1 choice, they are very nice, open people and very focused on teaching)

-Elmhurst Hospital, New York, Queens (they actually hire many IMGs, but I showed off my obsessive-compulsive traits by trying to scratch off with a napkin some old dried food stains from the table where we were going to have "lunch with the residents")

-Westchester Medical Center, New York- The residents the day I went were all women except for one man with long hair (feminization?) and at lunch they sat all in one side of the room so we the candidates could not talk to them. It was a tense set up. The faculty was nice, and they take many IMGs too. They are at the top of what one might expect. They teach a lot of group therapies. They have some big name researchers there. I did not like the all girls thing, we need a balance so the atmosphere does not get catty. Female and short man aggression style is nasty (gossip and the like) When there are more men around this is less likely to happen.

-Harvard South Shore, (go to and read what they say there)


-Iowa City (I should have applied to their Psych only as well) They are very nice. The academic level is great. I got a wrong impression from walking around downtown only. I saw people of 20 yrs, average, and felt as if I were trapped in a huge kindergarten. It set off my alarm of fear of isolation. They do have some older people you can connect with. When leaving for the airport I talked to a British- Indian graduate student and she told me that to find friends there one must go outside downtown. She was very happy of living there and had a friend from my country, too.

-Roanoke, Virginia. They qualify to be the "Mr/ Ms Congeniality" of all the places I saw. The program is very interesting, the residents are friendly (one was even clownish, beyond funny). The faculty are very, very nice. The landscapes around are beautiful (they can compete with New Hampshire and Maine on that) and the weather is nicer. Cons: it's difficult to travel there. I missed my bus and had to spend the night in Penn Station with the homeless until the first train to New jersey.


i am a USIMG with 85/78 on first attempts with loads of USCE, published, research, kick ass PS, etc.  applied to all the programs minus puerto rico and the military.  so far got 43 invites and about 30 rejections. i am planning on compiling them and selling a list for the next match (maybe for 5-10$.) (this is to help pay for all the ivs.)  anyhow i feel my list is better than the ones that go for 50$ as it is proven.


will any one please tell me list of hospital where getting observership in psychiatry is possible for IMG?


Hi again
One is Jamaica Hospital, in Queens, New York City (very complete experience with a little bit of everything) There are many, many FMGs there. Patient population is mostly African American, Caribbean or Latino there. Probably you would rotate too in Flushing Hospital, where there is a large Asian (Chinese? Korean?) community, and some Caucasians too. This is not irrelevant. Each ethnic group has its customs and religion, unless they are New Age weirdos like me.

The other I know about is Westchester Medical Center. The staff is more diverse there. I was working as a nanny when somebody from there e-mailed me to do an externship there (how come! I have been bugging people to get things all of my life and this time they called ME?) I would have been more than happy to do it, but I had no money at all and was living too far away, in Long Island. Westchester is an affluent suburb of New York City, north of the Bronx. Look them up in FREIDA. Their program is affiliated with New York Medical College.


Thx sga.... I checked it out..... NICE!!!





Thanks very much for this comment. It help me to think about my ideals.

Apart from that, this link below may be useful: Pharmaceutical interview questions
Tks again and pls keep posting.

Edited by jerryvn01 on Jul 29, 2010 - 4:26 PM


Thanks, good info.


The programs mentioned above are just few and most of them have changes since 2004. This s the full updated list which most IMGs who match use:

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