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 How long the results  

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Please for those who already took the test, how long (in average) does it take to receive the results? I have CS scgheduled for Jan 6, 2007 and need to pass step 3 before june 2007. Is that possible?


Step 2 CS 2007 Reporting Schedule

Testing Period : Jan 1 through Feb 24
Reporting Period: Mar 28 through Apr 25




goodness , does it really take 3-4 months?????!!!!!!


hi i am giving cs on feb 2nd . iam feeling nervous. can we cope up with time factor in exam plz reply


The first results for a given testing period will be mailed on the first day of the corresponding reporting period.

Check out the testing periods and the corresponding reporting dates on the official USMLE site.


It takes about 2 months. I did my test on April the 23rd and my report period started on June 20th (last wednesday) I did the oasis trick past thursday (a day after) and passed. They don't take as long as I thought.


took my test on 26th june results were online on 15th august ,so approx.6 wks.
Good luck!


I took my test on July 19 and still waiting for the results. Getting crazy...


I took it on August 8th and am still waiting . . .

Steps2heavem - that is an awesome avitar!



Edited by steps2heaven on Oct 04, 2007 - 1:43 PM


now its 10th oct... reporting date... still no sign of result... frustrating and scary....


I passed! Took the test on Aug 4 at LA center.

Check your mail or go to OASIS, it may be there already... Hold your breath... download the pdf file... and double click to open...

Good luck everyone! smiling face

  #14 came asking me to chek my oasis account...said there in red that i qualify for ecfmg i knew!! also downloaded the of luck to everybody out there...the relief is unbelievable!!


i have not got the mail yet ....... wat shd i do .... i 'm dying guys, plz help me


Hi guys n gals

i need some information from you. i gave CS on 11 Sep, all who gave CS till 8 Sep have their report closing date as Nov 7. My exam period starts on 9 Sep ( 9 Sep being a sunday) till Nov 3 .. and the reporting date is Dec 5 and reporting closing date is Jan 2.

i want to clear the fact that upto what extent the ecfmg sticks to this result reporting schedule?
On what date should i expect my CS result ?
How many days it would take after CS to receive ECFMG certificate ?
Any special thing i need to do for Certification?

and all the best for Match

  #17 can expect your results on Dec 5th
you have to clear step1, step2 and CS for certification. in addition you should have your medical education credentials verified. If all this is done, ECFMG should be mailing the certificate in 2 days. (they say within 10-12 business days). Mine was issued on Oct 12 after i got my results on 10 Oct


hi all just wanted to know...where do i find the Step 2 CS 2008 Reporting Schedule .
is it available only after u apply for cs...
i want my result to come b4 1st aug.2008..
when shud i schedule it....
thanx in advance...


I took my CS on May 19th, and I got my results in mid July

  #20 the link b4 anyone kud amswer my quy

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