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 IMG Friendly Programs - Surgery  

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well said manu nastai nod


Guys what are the chances for an IMG to get matched with 93 and 98 scores from Step1 and Step 2 respectively, with publications, but no LOR or US experience. I have LORs but only from Mexican doctors, i dont know if those will be taken into account. Also ive been thinking of applying either for a preliminary or a fellowship in order to get the LORs and the experience, any suggestions?


about the above post i made a mistake its a 96 not 98


Surgery is bit competitive but not impossible. Many people who don't match categorical as a start do match with prelim surgery then they either get promoted to a 2nd year after some people resigns or reapply to the match with 1 year hands on USCE and get categorical positions easier. There is a list of programs that mainly take IMGs each year, it is not free but it is worthied as many of the poeple who matched last year used it, this is the link:

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