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 IMG Friendly Programs - Surgery  

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Has anyone compiled a list of "IMG-friendly" hospitals for surgery residency?
Lets list the hospitals willing to give interviews and spots to IMG's in Surgery here.


Well if some one can update this list that would be great atleast help me in deciding where shd i apply for observership smiling face



I only know this one which is an online healthcare and my friend actually chose them to have her plastic surgery.. are very good at surgery and maybe it can be of any help


I am applying to gen this year (am an "AMG") and I know applying as an IMG for surgery is tough. I just finished my interviews and just wanted to let you know which of the programs I interviewed at that had IMG interviewees:

UCONN, Henry Ford (in Michigan), Banner Good Sam (in Ohio), the Cleveland Clinic, and UCI (Univ of Cali, Irvine). Now most of these were for Categorical spots, however the UCI was for a prelim. I did not apply to any programs in New York or Jersey, but am sure there are good programs there that are IMG friendly (I know that Sound Shore Hosp in New Rochelle has quite a few IMG residents).

I have friends who are IMG's and managed to secure categorical spots by doing a prelim year. I don't know why it is so tough to get a gen surg spot as an IMG, considering surgery residency has 20-25% drop out rate and seats usually open by the R2 year. Hopefully this will change and surgery programs will be more open and just pick the most dedicated candidates, regardless of where they are from.

Good luck to you all!


East coast pick a 100 -150 programs and shoot ur applications !!
Try ur luck. U ll know"U" friendly Programs not IMG friendly ones !!!!smiling face


Hey guys,
its always apleasure to check in this site and read the post...
I have a big problem and need some help..if anybody can,please let me know...
Right now I'm preparing for the Step1..I went on scheduling for the 2CS last monday,but the nearest date available is in far as I know that is pretty late to get in tha Match 2008..isn;t it?
But is there still a chance and is it worth to send the application,or rather wait forMatch 2009????


Hi VaMe,
Here's my advice,
1.-pick the earliest date possible,
2.-then set a date for your self, a date you will like to take the exam if there where any spots available
3.-start studing as if you where to take the exam on that date.
4.-Use the email service they offer and pick a period for your test, they will notify you by email when ever a spot is available in that date or period, make sure you use an msn, yahoo or aol acuount and be online with your meessenger
5.-Turn on the email alert on the messenger, and keep the scheduling page open all time.
Is very common that people freaks out the day before and cancel their exams, if you already studied and are prepared you can take a next day spot.
6.-If you got an email. go immediately to the shceduling page and take that date. I'll repeat, IMMEDIATELY, a lot of people is looking for dates, every second counts. thats way you need to be ready for the exam so you don't hesitate in picking that spot rigth away.

pardon my english, does that make sence?
good luck

PS. what one friend did is he got a separate acunt for that porpouse and in the msn messenger a selected a song as the email alert sound, and turned the volume up to the top. so even 3 am he will hear the alert. he knew it was from ECFMG because it was a new acount.


Hey Guys,
Can some one guide me as to what are the factors we should be looking at while applying at a program ? I am a total novice & would really appreciate your help.


Well, the most important factor would be that the program is giving you what you want and do you have what they require.

Keep these two things in mind while applying.

Good luck.


Zygone wrote:
Well, the most important factor would be that the program is giving you what you want and do you have what they require.

Keep these two things in mind while applying.

Good luck.

But unfortunately, that's not what I meant to ask. I want to know as to going on the FREIDA website, how do we pick which programs to apply to ? I know it is a little more basic question & also a little late as I see everyone else has already done their little homework & already applied to on an average more than 70 odd places.
Please guys, help me.


Dude I dont understand what you are so lost about. Just go to the FREIDA website and look around, there are tags that say residency search and stuff so just look around.


Again Thanks but that's excatly what I want to know . What are the factors we should be looking at to apply at a residency program ?
Will appreciate any help.


what factors are you talking about


Have you seen " Rush Hour 3 " ??
Our situation is something similar where Chris Tucker asks the chinese grand master whose name is "me" and he has a desciple named "yu". It is a great confusion.

Similarly there is a lot of confusion here, I don't know what are the factors everyone looked at while applying to 70 odd surgery programs out of 1000 odd programs & want to know what is it that made them choose those particular 70 programs for application & leave the rest. And you are asking me what factors I am talking about, Had I known those factors, I wouldn't have asked this querry.

Hope this helps. If not, just forget it.

Edited by gr8doc on Sep 07, 2007 - 8:40 AM


gr8doc wrote:
Hey Guys,
Can some one guide me as to what are the factors we should be looking at while applying at a program ? I am a total novice & would really appreciate your help.

I think that everyone is looking for something specific what he/she is concerns about, for example if onee needs H1 visa, so one is looking for this factor., if one has low USMLE score, so this person will look for score cut off criteria, if one is an old IMG, so this doc will look for graduation year cut off criteria, if one is a female, so will look for rate male;female residents....if one is interested in research, so this doc will look for research options..............etc.

It's a painful and time consuming homework but it's worth it because it'll save you a lot of money.


Thanks for making things clearer.


to gr8doc and all those surgeons to be: cool


Thank you gogeta06.That was really helpful


The best way to find out about IMG friendly programs is to call the programs (take your pick from the 251 accredited programs) and ask politely if they have IMGs in their programs and if they do then how many. It is however impossible to know what the particular IMG had to offer the programs when they got accepted


Jackofknives wrote:
List acquired from uncleharvey. Its very impressive for IMGs to match into high calibers like Baylor and Hopkins, I suspect they were already trained NS in their home country.

..or built up important conections and went in the regular way.. I think this is the most important way to get a good univ program.. or maybe the only way.

It is said that IMGs can't do this.. can't do that.. I'll just quote what Will Smith told his son in the Pursue of happiness: Ïf somebody tells you you can't do something, it means THEY can't do it. (not in these exact words) So people.. being IMGs doesn't mean you've got leper, it means jst that american PDs don't know what you guys know and how good your training is. To get them to pick you, you just have to sho them these stuff and the only way is to.. meet them. Good luck to everybody!

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