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 Preliminary Surgery, is it worth it?  

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Thanks for the insight


are there enuff h1 sposoring prelim programs?


Oh yes it is!!!!


Take my advice with a grain of salt. As a matter of fact take anyones advice on this or any other webboard with a grain of salt. Nothing is in stone.

PD's among a lot of other things look for commitment and Prelim Surgery shows that.

Secondly, programs do not want to make Prelim Surgery a backdoor into a General Surgery program for applicants. Because if they did then everyone would apply to Prelim Surgery. Everyone would start competing for Prelim Surgery. It is for those that are committed to General Surgery will Prelim Surgery bear fruit.

Look at it this way... if you are interested in General Surgery would you rather try to do things to improve your chances of getting into General Surgery by doing research or would you BE doing General Surgery for a year.

Lastly, work hard, do your best and your efforts won't go to waste.


AVAS Best Clinical Resident Award (Tied): Fate of non-designated preliminary general surgery residents seeking a categorical residency position

Good luck to you all!


I don't agree with what to do.

If everyone started competeing for preliem surgery, the programs would be enthrilled coz they would have all their spots filled up. As of now, after IM spots, preliem Sx spots are the most unfilled in the country. Allthough there are so many spots, program don't fill em up coz they are picky of who they take for applicatns and they dont call that many people for IV's.

Preliem Sx is the back door and I am not saying that research is not. But if you do both then it's awesome. Your goal is to get into a program which appreciates preliems and not treat them like cheap labour. Trust me, a lot of programs them a do and very few don't. During my second iv's round I met a lot of people who were preliems re-applying and they were not happy. Their PD would not even give LOR. You don't want to be in a program like that. You want to be in a program that that treat's you fairly, let's you go to the OR when it is your turn, rewards you by letting you do some operating if you work your back side on the floor and faculty that wanna help you by writing LOR's for you. Thats when you'll find a spot. And you will coz there is a 20% drop out rate every year in the country. Some programs higher PGY-2's from their pool of preliems and you want to be in that preliem program and work your ass off to get that categorical spot so that you can stay.

There are many stories in here, some good, mostly bad. It's like theories in disease process in medicine. If you don't know how, thats when there are a lot of theiories of how may be. The reason there is so many coz people get through different routes, some research, some preliem, some just keep on trying. There is no set rule in stone, when you get a spot just work hard and impress the people around. Truse me, this is not like med school back home where they pimp you with textbook knowledge and expect you to know 20 anastomosis around the pancreatic head. They just want to see you work hard, know all about your patient, take care of them. That's all there is to it and it is not that hard if surgery is what you wanna do.

I hope this helps and good luck to you all.


hey quick question because this is a big thread Im an IMG iboard scores 99/99 going to graduate in 2 years no real surgery ties but will do 2 electives atleast in general surgery meaning 2 letters of recommendation do i have a shot at a university surgery program or should i just go for the prelim?


and may I ask why you don't go for both?grin

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