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 Preliminary Surgery, is it worth it?  

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maverick wrote:
if u marry someone with GC or citizen and u r on j1, u still have to go back for 2 years unless u show extreme hardship which is rare.

yes, thts true, and any how mmarrying GC takes 5yrs to get GC so thts the worst of all possible options.


Is preliminary surgery position "UNPAID"?


i have this doubt too.

if you are on an H1 visa and you marry an American citizen, can you swith to american resident (green card) during the residency? and how much time does it take?



Wow. I'm sorry but what is your purpose of pursuing a residency in the states? There is a reason why foreigners get such a bad rep. All this talk of getting married in order to get a green card and staying in the states is pretty distasteful. I feel sorry for the person who is suckered into marrying you. These people are not without feelings.


sustenance: you should have more bases before make such judgements. My fiancee with whom I plan to get married when i get a spot in usa has green card and is almost getting her citizenship. Only for your information. raised eyebrow


i'll take responsibility for bringing up the whole thing about marrying a citizen. it was meant as a joke.
i'm a citizen, so i don't need to do that. however, that doesn't mean that i don't sympathize with those who do not have permanent status in the U.S. I can appreciate how difficult it is to obtain a residency without permanent status.
In certain ethnic communities, I've seen foreign doctors marry partners who have u.s. citizenship. The girl (usually) whose a u.s. citizen doesn't mind marrying a young, intelligent physician (foreign grad). In return, the doctor finds a suitable wife within his community. Arranged marriage, or introduced marriage, as it is called nowadays is still very common amount south asian communities.
Why do you find this so distasteful sustenance? Face it, it's reality. And personally, I see nothing wrong with it.
And no, I don't have a bias opinion. I'm a u.s. citizen (although an IMG), and no, I'm not married to a woman within my community.


so, can i switch from H1 to green card if i marry an american citizen during the residency and how much time does it take for me the process? PLEASE


and mine isn't an arranged one, i know my girl for almost 6 years now.


Maybe I'm in the minority here but the way the initial post (to which I responded) was phrased by chem seemed pretty callous. I'm glad you approve of it, surg. Good for you. As to why I find it so distasteful? Simple. I wouldn't want to subject someone to a loveless marriage just because it makes it easier for me to obtain a residency postition. Just because it's your reality, does not necessarily have to translate into mine. I'm just saying.


cool anyone else with an ANSWER for our question about prelim surgery or visa issues?


Yes you can. The process from my understanding can take from 6 months to 5 years.


Thanks cool

well, this topic has been pretty informative nod


It sure has. Sorry if I came off too strong. But in the spirit of thanksgiving, I bear thee no ill will and wish you luck on your interview trail. Maybe we'll meet, who knows?


not a problem. I understand your standpoint. Good luck to you too.


thats why its preferable to take h1, you can atealst stayhere and worst come worst change to F1 if you dont get cat nnext yr, tat cant be done while on j1...


Well, Chemamr, this is very hard question that no one can clearly answer you. There are different stories about Perlim in Surgery. It mostly depends on what do you want from life and what is you condition and circumstances.

But, as far as I am concerned, if I had one prematch offer with J-visa for prelim, I would definitely accept that. I want to enter the system, and I believe that there are many ways to stay in the United States that I do not know. From my side, I would impress PD and PD's assistant while I am doing PGY1. I would do my best, because I love to be a Surgeon. From the other side, attorneys know lots of things.

Every one who is suffering these exams wants to get American Certificate firstly, but also they want a secure and enjoyable life, so most of people pursue GC.

I have worked in different countries and I have seen many doctors from different nationalities. I and have reliazed that American Board is the most honorable certificate around the world. For this reason, I am now in the US and competing to get a spot.

I invested my life on this long marathon. I do not have any thing left back at home, so I try to stay here as best as I can. I am not going to do PA jobs. I will go for teaching, doing research and keep studying untill I accept into one program.

This was my message.


i appreciate it amirhossein. You've brought more new info on this topic.


Does anyone know if interviews for prelim spots are structured in a different manner from those for cat?


hmmm very long thread. took a while to get thru it. well i will differ with most of u...

i am not too sure whether prelims is beneficial. reasons:

if u take prelim this year, u start next year july. so u get 3-4 months to impress PD and attendings for letters which is difficult as u dont have much contact. and then u apply in sept. so basically there might not be much improvement the next year. In fact it may even be detrimental as programs would think that this person couldnt get into categ the first year, so they might prefer people who havent gone thru prelim the next year. so prelim becomes a red flag.

whatever benefit from prelim is that if u impress enough, u might get converted into categorical. some hospitals the rates are close to 0. some may be as high as 20-30%. so then it would seem it would be better to join prelim at a place where conversion rate is high.

also sometimes vacancies arise in other places so it might be better off to be at known big places so that letter writers r known who themselves have zero conversion rate.

so which of the prelims to take - a prestigious program with zero conversion or less well known program with20% conversion is the question.

also as i mentioned in the first para, prelim is a red flag and not everyone is lucky enough to convert into categ. so it might be better off not to enter prelim at all, instead do research or externships to get good letters, publications etc, boost ur CV much more than that is possible thru prelim. then apply again.

so thats my dilemma as well right now. if i dont get categ, should i do research or prelim. if prelim at a prestigious place or a place with conversion rate 20%

as for visa, u cant repeat PGY1 prelim on J1 but i think u can shift to categ


I don't know about visa since I am a US-IMG but for people without visa problem it can be a good idea if they are willing to apply to PGY1 Again. which is my current plan

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