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helen , 34 years old night club dancer, comes to physician for vague body pain. she told, during the examination,"vow.....doc, you have great hands and hmm..........your beard is superb!!...".physician is also attracted towards her. which one is the most appropriate next step for him to do?
a. stop being her physician and start seeing her socially right away.
b.stop being her physician ,wait for 6 months, and then start seeing her socially
c.stop being her physician ,wait for 2 years, and then start seeing her socially
d.tell her that he can be her physician and lover too
e.tell her that he can neither her physician nor her lover
f.tell her that he would like to continue her physician but not her lover


f.tell her that he would like to continue her physician but not her lover :?:


for sure its 'f'


what about his attraction towards the pt, what he do about that, will he suppress it, if not then what he do?

ethically he have to set the limits, and acted professionaly, and don't have attraction toward his pts.
here is a two sided story.


this question is asking what is ethically and legally which is the most appropriate behaviour .it is never appropriate to have sexual relation with your patient. his getting attracted to the lady does not matter. it is a simple straightforward question with no ambiguity. by the way what s the personality disorder the lady is exhibiting?


As i already mention what ethically he had to do, and the answer as all my other frnd had given is F.

the lady has Histrionic personality disorder


Lady has Histrionic PD

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