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dr.sarah , while driving from her hospital noticed an accident and stopped to help. there was frontal collision between two cars. one of the drivers escaped because of airbag, but the other was entangled between the steeringweheel and the seat. sensing an explosion she tried to pull-out one of the drivers outof his car, and tried to stabilise him.unfortunately she did not succeed , and he died.later in autopsy it was noticed that the actual pull of dr.sarah has contributed to patient's death. patient's family went to court arguing that both dr.sarah, and her medical school must be penalised , one for incompetent care, and another for not giving correct training. you are the judge. what do you do?
a.penalise sarah and leave alone her institute
b.penalise her institute and leave alone dr.sarah
c. penalisd both sarah and her institute not penalise either of them


choice d


a.penalise sarah and leave alone her institute :?:


losergirl is ABSOLUTELY correct! GOOD SAMARITAN LAW guys, it is important. according to law in usa you dont need to stop if you see an accident . we would like you stop you though. inorder to encourage you guys from stopping and giving necessary care, there is GOOD SAMARITAN law. there are some guidelines.1.once you stop, you must continue until the competent relievers do come2.only traditional and accomplished procedures mustbe undertaken( dont try neurosurgery, especially when you have been a dermatologist for the last 2 decades!) compensation should be accepted. so, when all these are maintained, whatever you do in good faith, you are protected from law! correct answer. NEITHER SARAH nor her institute is penalised!(d)


good one,thanks

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