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 How to prepare for the CCS  

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the link isn't working...


I know, I am sorry! I copied and pasted the one I had and it works when I click on it! sad


I found it... lets see if this link works... if it doesn't then google the link...


Thanks, Lisa and cocacola!


I have Q for you.

After one reweiw of Lecture notes,which one is better to start with : Kaplan Qbank or UW ?




I did not complete all my computer cases. In fact, I only opened 8. Now I have to choose whether or not to have my exam scored. If I dont want it to be scored, it will be marked as "incomplete examination " on my transcript. How will that affect me anyone know or have similar experience? I feel reasonably ok about MCQs. Nobody died on the cases I completed. One person felt much better. The others had no change in disposition. I just want to pass. Any suggestions on whether or not I should have this exam scored?

Thanks for your input


How do you choose if you want your exam scored? Isn't it scored when you complete it? I guess I really do not know something basic about how this exam is scored. Could you, please, give me some light on the subject shockedconfused


Hi, Lisa
Would you like to tell me please how did you exercised all the cases from USMLE world on the CD ? How did you introduce the history and physical exam and what questions did you get when you order any lab, because the cases are different from those from the CD !!


Hi dorisday and abusedpostdoc, I have no idea about how the exam gets scored. Sorry!

Ariel2008, my UW subscription ran out before I could work on it. I only worked with the 60 cases that I printed out on paper. I would open a non-emergent case on the USMLE CD and work with the clinical scenario on UW print out. This made me familiar with the way I had to order tests, where I had to move patients and when etc. It worked well for me in familiarizing me with the exam format. After I had completed, I would look to see what I missed from the explanation part on UW. The explanations were usually comprehensive and I tried to incorporate what I thought was relevant to that particular case. Hope that answers your question. All the best!


thank you, Lisa !


great post lisa


This is an amazing post, thanks for sharing!!


THANX A MILLION LISA!! All I can say is God bless you!! And good luc!!


Any body knows how to open the ccs cases in the orientation material step3 for 2009 exam? It opens the NBME test delivery system and when you select ccs for ex case 1 there is no start option. I appreciate any information that how to open ccs cases in new practice software.


there r 3 file on all,install them and then it works.


Hey guys

I need advice, is Falcon Reviews worth it??? do any of you know?


amazing lisa techniques... this is the best method I ever found for studying CCS



thanks Liza ,

what is the  USMLE CD? 


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