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 How to prepare for the CCS  

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Thank you very much. smiling face


Dear LisaM,
have a question about how did you practice the UW 60 cases with the USMLE CD? Did u get the CD from USMLE after registered for step3? Is it the same that I can download online in
thanks a lot


Hi Austin, Sorry for the delay in reply. You have probably figured it out by now. The CD sent when I registered for CK had the Step 3 CCS cases too. I am not sure if you can download it as I have never tired it. I practiced the UW cases on the USMLE CD by opening a non-emergent case on the USMLE CD and typing requests for the case I wanted to practice from UW. It helped me to learn the short cuts and options availabe in the software. All the best to you!


Hi Lisa,
I would appreciate if you please post your email ID for people who have questions and need an immediate assistance since you do not visit this forum on regular basis. Thanks and good luck with your future endeavors.


Hi mrinal, Thank you for your suggestion, but I am sorry that I prefer to keep my e-mail private. I do visit the forum from time to time. Please send your question by private message and I will get around to answering it. Hope that works. smiling face


Can any one tell me how much time will be needed for a psychiatry resident who took steps 1, 2 in 2004, to take step 3 and pass with decent score. Psych residency has 3 med, 2 neurology and one ER rotations. I am done with 2 neuro, one ER and one med. @ med rotations are left. Please guide, when is the best time to take Step 3 for me.





Thankyou verymuch for this excellant feedback and wish you a high score.


Thank you, ahmedalini.

Sar, any estimate of preparation time for step 3 would only be a guess as it would depend on how much of the CK material you remember, how much you aim to score in Step 3, how many hours you would be able to dedicate to study etc. The best indicator would be USMLE world scores. I would suggest that you start the online Q bank and do some random blocks. If you score in 60s, then it would be a safe to assume that you would comfortably pass. It will also give you an idea of where you need to work on. Hope that helps. All the best!


Thank you Lisa,

It didnt come to my mind, thanks for directing me.

Good luck,



did ur cases ended before 20 mts.five cases of mine are not ended before 20 mts.mcqs part was horrible.i am really tensed.i think no one has done as badly as me.i have done it very badly.waiting for the result.


Hello Lisa,
i have scored 87 and 85 on 1 and 2 and feel that this is the time to make up. I have found ur original thread extremely useful and hope that you stil visit the forum to answer few questns....
I have Kaplan cases, swanson, crush Kaplan Qbook with me and taking the exam after 2 mnths. What would u suggest2 start with.
N I would love to hear ur score and the residency u got. I am sure, its a success there.
thnx and regards


Thanks for a great post. Is amazingly helpful.


Hi , its asim
ive just begun my preperation for usmle step3 . i am planning to do usmel world and kaplan questions , but i needed to know as to what extra stuff can be done to enhance your knowledge and performance in the exam......i am talking about the mcqs!

which one of the following online MCQs' sources would you recommed:-
1_ kaplan internal medicine Q-bank...750 Qs ( i think )
2_ kaplan ethics Qs for step3...100 Qs
3_ conrad fischer int. medicine Q-bank...500 Qs
4_ usmle 123 Q-bank...
5_ exam master online Q-bank for step3...3000 Qs
6_ NMS questions
7_ NBME exam
8_ exam master int. medicine Q- bank...4500 Qs

waiting for your reply anxiously
thanks in advance



I am sorry, but have no idea about the material that you have asked about. I only used Kaplan materials and USMLE world.


hi lisa,

how much did u score?
thanks for all the information...
u mentioned that u practised the cases on the usmle it the usmle orientation cd that u r talking abt??
how could u practice the UW cases in the cd?


Hi dr_me_myself, yes, I practiced in the USMLE orientation CD. I have explained how in the first post of this topic. My NBME and exam scores can be found in my prep journal for Step 3.

All the best!



Could someone please put the link of the "washington university case scenarios"


Sorry for the delay. Hope it helps.


very good information


Ok, I dont know why I cant finish the above post with "index.html" in the end! Please try it that way.

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