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 Psychiatry in Jamaica Hospital - one big joke  

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OK. I sent an email to Jamaica Hospital asking for minimum reqiurements for PGY-1 psychiatry. Below is an answer I received;

Dear Applicant:

Thank you for your interest in the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center Residency Training Program in psychiatry.
We do not have any unfilled positions for the academic year 2006-2007.
If you re interested in applying to the program for the following year (2007-2008), please be advised of the following:

We participate in ERAS and will also accept applications directly if mailed via the U.S. Postal Service (no faxed material will be accepted).

Copies of the following required documentation must be included in your application packet for the 2007-2008 PGY-I class:

1. Cover letter and/or personal statement

2. Current CV

3. Copy of ECFMG certificate

4. Copies of USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 scores (CK & CS) and Step 3, if you have it

5. Three (3) recent Letters of Recommendation

In order to be considered for the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center residency program in psychiatry, all applicants must sit for a written examination that will be given in October 2006. This examination is offered only once.

After reviewing the examination results, applicants will be invited to the Hospital for individual interviews by our committee.

Please be sure your e-mail address is noted in your documents since we will most likely be contacting you via e-mail.

We look forward to meeting and speaking with you.

Yours truly,

Anne Incantalupo


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Do we accept International Medical Graduates?

2. Do we sponsor H1 and J1 visas?
No. We are no longer accepting applicants with J1, H1, or F1 visas. Applicants must be United States citizens, have their Green Cards or an Employment Authorization Document (EAD).

3. Do we have minimum score criteria on the USMLE? Do we consider applicants who have more than one attempt?
We review all applications. There are no minimum requirements. USMLE results are considered, as are the results of the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center examination that is required for all applicants.

Note: It is required that applicants sit for this examination (only offered once in October) in order to be considered for an interview.

4. Do we require any United States (observerships, externships, research) experience?
Jamaica Hospital Medical Center is favorably impressed by U.S. experience in psychiatry. For those applicants who do not have, or are interested in obtaining further, U.S. experience, please consider our five-month Externship Program in Psychiatry for International Medical Graduates. The next rotation will begin in October 2006. To receive further information, please contact the Program Coordinator, Anne Incantalupo, at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center.

5. Do we participate in the N.R.M.P. (National Resident Matching Plan)?
Residency positions will not be listed with the N.R.M.P. The four (4) positions will be non-match positions.

6. When do we start accepting applications for the 2007-2008 academic year? What is
the last date?
Applications for the next academic year may be submitted any time after July 1, 2006. All documents must be received by the second week of October 2006 deadline in order to be registered for the written examination usually scheduled for the third Thursday in October, 2006.

7. Do we accept paper applications?
Yes, please mail your information attention to the Program Coordinator below:

Anne Incantalupo, Coordinator

Externship Program for International Medical Graduates

and Residency Training Program

Department of Psychiatry

Jamaica Hospital Medical Center

8900 Van Wyck Expressway

Jamaica, New York 11418

Telephone: 718-291-0764


then I asked for paper application to be mailed to my address (not sure if any "universal application" is required along with the documents); next day I received an email, copy is below

Thank you for your interest in The Jamaica Hospital Externship Program.

The Jamaica Hospital Medical Center Externship Program is a specialized course developed for International Medical Graduates (IMGs) interested in pursuing a career in psychiatry. We have an overall residency acceptance rate of 80% for externs who have completed our program.

We accept applications to our 5-month Externship Program for IMGs from July, 2006 to August, 2006. The next rotation begins in October, 2006.

We require the following documents to apply for the October, 2006, rotation:

· Current CV

· Personal statement indicating your interest in our Externship program

· ECFMG certificate


· USMLE Step 1 & 2 (CK and CS) scores; Step 3, if you have it

· Three (3) or more recent letters of recommendation

MAIL the above information to the address given on page 2; (e-mailed and faxed documents will not be accepted). The Selection Committee reviews all applicants' documentation. Selected applicants will be contacted for an interview. After the interviews have been conducted, the Committee will meet again to finalize the candidates for our program.

Extern candidates will be informed of their acceptance into the program and, pending receipt of their acceptance letters, are given appointment times for medical/physical clearances from the Occupational Health Department.



The Department of Psychiatry at The Jamaica Hospital Medical Center offers a formal externship (providing 5 months of full-time training) for international medical graduates. It is modeled after a typical PGY-1 psychiatry experience and includes the following components:

§ Supervised clinical observation and experience in the adult Psychiatric Emergency

Room, Psychiatric Inpatient Service, Chemical Dependency Unit, and Consultation Liaison


§ Supervised patient interviewing skills

§ Three Didactic seminars each week on clinical and theoretical topics:

1. Foundations in Psychiatry

2. Basics of Psychodynamics

3. Introduction to Psychiatric Research

§ Attendance at weekly Case Conferences and bi-weekly Grand Rounds

Externs who successfully complete this program are welcome to continue for another six months in individual tailored programs. Elective areas can include:

1. Assignment to the Outpatient Mental Health Clinic (supervised intakes, participation in

groups: psychotherapy groups and medication groups)

2. Consultation to an Inpatient Geriatrics Service

3. Seminars continue with a focus on outpatient treatment

The Jamaica Hospital and Flushing Hospital Medical Centers serve a wide variety of patients from different socioeconomic strata with rich cultural diversity. Therefore, it provides cross-cultural experience and sensitizes the externs to diverse needs of the patients. At the conclusion of the externship, trainees are expected to gain experience in the following areas:

1. To conduct a comprehensive psychiatric interview.

2. To acquire skills in the differential diagnosis of psychiatric syndromes.

3. To acquire knowledge of the common psychiatric problems of adulthood.

4. To use laboratory tests, psychological testing and other diagnostic procedures appropriately;

make accurate psychiatric diagnoses; formulate a problem list and the corresponding

treatment plan.

5. To acquire knowledge of the indications, contraindications, presumed mechanisms, dosing

schedules, and side effects for common psychopharmacological agents.

6. To demonstrate consistent interest, tact, and compassion for the patient and the patient's


7. To demonstrate the qualities of reliability, conscientiousness, and integrity.

8. To work harmoniously as a member of a mental health team in information gathering,

treatment planning and implementation.

Diane J. Sacks, M.D.

Director, Psychiatry Education


1. Do we accept International Medical Graduates? Do we sponsor H1 and J1 visas?
We do not sponsor visas for the externship program.

2. Do we accept applicants who have completed Step 1?
No. Applicants must have completed all eligibility requirements for residency in the United States (e.g.: USMLE, Step 1, Step 2 (CK and CS), CSA).

3. Do we have minimum score criteria on the USMLE? Do we consider applicants who have
taken the exam on more than one attempt?
We review all applications. There are no minimum requirements. USMLE results are considered.

4. Must applicants have prior U.S. experience?
Each application is reviewed individually. There is no requirement for prior experience

5. Do we accept paper applications?
Yes, please mail your information to:

Anne Incantalupo, Coordinator

Externship Program for International Medical Graduates

Department Of Psychiatry

Jamaica Hospital Medical Center

8900 Van Wyck Expressway

Jamaica, New York 11418

Telephone: 718-291-0764


So, looks like they have 4 PGY-1 positions, 80% whis is 3, will go to succesfull externs, ONE will be available for all of the ERAS applicants. Hundreds of them will show-up for the exam (100 psychiatry MCQ's) in October, applicants with top score will be invited for an interview. My opinion – think before applying, especially if you live far from NYC, and you have to pay for travel, hotel and so on..


DID you really believe that people will read your mail even if they have time...i just scrolled down straightaway..forgive me if there is something important in the post..the loss is all mine


Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes. After that, who cares? ...He's a mile away and you've got his shoes.


service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth..


Hey md2besson!

Yhanks it really helps me, i was considering to apply...not any more!!! THANKS


hi md2bsoon

thanks for the post but you took a long time rather than making it obvious soon.... especially for those deluded people who are trying to retrieve their insight for img freindly programs. Keep it up.


Is anybody still out there from this post? I got a call for an interview, no exam. Is that a trick? Will I have to sit through a test once I go there? I don't have time. Interview is at 3:30pm and my a** needs to be at the airport by 6pm! They said it will only take 1-1.5hrs. Really confused!

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