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 Calls/ rejections for diagnostic radio  

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any1 out there ,applied for radio. please keep us all posted.


i haven't gotten anything either.


me neither.


hi there are thier any imgs friendly program for radiology please tell me if


i guesss there is nothin such as IMG friendly in radio.


I am also in for radiology. Applied on september 13th. till now no rejections. My credentials 99/99 CS pass/2000 grad/USCE of 1.5 yrs as ultrasound tech./need H1-J1 visa


hey guys can you tell me which programs you have applied to and you think is potentially wellcoming ,i dont waste my mony on programs that gonna reject me any way please help.and also for the preliminary year because most of the programs i called say they reserve the prelim. for thier graduates./i dont need a visa.

please any one who knows tell me


I didn't get any radiology interviews till January, and it's very very hard to get interviews; but it is still very early in the season and I doubt you will hear much till at least November (when the dean's letter comes out for amgs) So try not to get frustated yet (save your frustation for January!). Follow the forums on to see what's going on, and for interview tips (especially try to search match threads from previous years on auntminnie). Don't concentrate on just img friendly programs, as those tend to get the most imgs applying and can be more competitive than non-img programs. You never know if a program will suddenly change its mind and start taking imgs, so the most important thing you can do now is APPLY TO AS MANY PLACES AS YOU CAN AFFORD. Skip a meal if you have to, but spend every last dime you possibly can, you'll be thanking yourself in January when you still have options.

for whats it's worth my stats were 98/90/cs passed/US citizen/1 month usce (not in rads and not where I matched) 2004 graduate. I got 5 calls, and managed to match; so it is very possible; just don't give up.


So much silence from rads... I just hope it is golden...

Only one rejection so far though, from University of Pittsburgh...
At least I get my money back from SUNY Buffalo which is closing...
At least two programs sent me a "greeting" email but not outright rejection?

I'm trying to find the silver lining in the ominous dark clouds...


Edited by FragileX on Sep 26, 2006 - 3:38 PM


-hey guys no news i think its early for us.


got my first rejection from william beamount,MI very sad


got my first rejection from william beamount,MI i feel very sad


NOthing yet, you guys?


no calls no rejections!!!


I haven't heard from William Beaumont yet. Hope that means I'm on a wait list or somethin. Speeto: I've been reading your posts lately. If you haven't received any TY or prelim med interviews lately (cause these are as hard as rads to get into, or at least close) try applyin to a couple of prelim surgeries and possibly to the cushier ones to guarantee yourself.


didn't apply at william beamount, MI.
i havnt got any transitional interviews at all shocked
have a couple of prelim though.
what about every1 else.
can someone plz point out cushier places..


Dead silence here. Very concerned.

Thanks about the surgery. I'm probably going to go with choice #2 if I don't get anything else: Psychiatry. sad

Although I'd be a horrible internist, I think I'd be even a worse surgeon. Even for one year. But there's always "panic-time." I will consider by 11/01 (only 2 weeks away), if I haven't heard anything.

God, this sucks. shocked

Does anyone else feel the same way?


new2usmle can you post the places you get a prelim. interviews.


hey guys i just called some of the programs i applied to .and some of them dont even care of telling you that you have been rejected,i dont know do they expect people to call ,actually i was,i i thought of letting you know so you can call and check your status.

i 'm so angry about them ,they should let people know so,you can do something and not miss the season!!!!!!!!!!!!!


rejection on friday from wayne state in detroit.

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