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 Anesthesiology threads interviews/rejections  

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Please add information here to share with people, thanks.

Any info is valuable.


Hey Robin,

I will post stuff as it will happen. There was another attempt last year at starting a thread for Anesthesia, but there was maybe one or maybe two replies tops. So I don't know what to think, people didn't apply to this specialty or they didn't post. So let's see what happens this time around. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!



After inquiring about my status Cleveland Clinic Foundation sent me rejection e-mail.



Thank Friscan2b

Other people please update this thread, thanks.


hey guys, it been really quiet on my end. no rejections or interview. just wondering if any of you have called or emailed the pd yet? most of my "we recieved your eras applications," said that tey review after the deans letter....or nov 1. so is it to early still to email them?


I emailed them, and nothing happened. No news form programs at all!
I guess we'll have to wait till nov1


rejected from georgia....hope everyone else is having better luck


now up to 9 rejections, one "on hold" but i think its more of a rejection and 2 interviews.

gl to everyone else....hope its goin better for you guys


Rejection at 6pm today, 30 minutes ago - U of Florida, Gainesville.


Thanks for sharing.

people seem to get very few iv for anesthesiology.


rejections keep coming: 2 more today, both university programs. just rackin up the rejections since nov 1st


Yup, another rejection for me today.
Cornell, NY.

November 7, 2006

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in the Anesthesiology Residency at New York Presbyterian Hospital-Weill Cornell Medical Center. As you are aware, interest in pursuing anesthesia as a career continues at record levels. Although we would be honored to meet everyone who has expressed an interest in our program, we have a limited capacity to do so and, as such, are unable to offer you an interview. We wish you the best as you embark on your career and, again, thank you for your interest.


Cephas Swamidoss, MD
Director, Residency Training
on behalf of the Resident Selection Committee
Weill Cornell Medical College

Huh smiling face


yeah i got the same rejection today too.

really starting to lose all faith...not sure what to do


hey everyone...just a question. has anyone been gettin interviews for anesthesia? i know its crazy competitive, but just hearing that some people are getting iv's will help me keep faith in that i might hear from more programs.


well i dont know if anyone is still interested in anesthesia, but i ended up emailin programs to find out my status last week. so since then i have been rejected from 8 programs(3 of them said that there selection commitee was finished and had all there interview spots filled), put on hold/under review by 4 and got one interview.

i hope others are having some luck


I applied last year and only had one interview (not matched).
I applied this year again and only have one interview offer so far, but at a different program.
I am loosing hope.


Just got rejected by UT southwestern at dallas. So far NO IV!!!! Really frustrated!!! Applied to 67 programs,90-99-pass, 2 months USCE, 3 US LOR´S, need visa, just graduated. WHAT THE HECK DO THEY WANT!!!! Can anyone tell me why I dont get IV´s, please!!!!!!!!!


this specialty is very competitive now, I attended a workshop at Kaplan and knew that it is the fourth hardest after radiology, neuro surgery, and Plastic surgery.


For 2007 match,here goes

first rejection from U of Florida just a while ago.

my creds-old grad/MD anesthesia from home country/95/99/cs passed/EAD.shaking head


First rejection from University of Florida.

Old grad (I think the key reason for rejection), 94/99/84, Surgeon from Overseas, green card, currently doing non-accredited fellowhip in surgey at Harward Hospital.

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