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 (Poll) How many programs are you applying to?  

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How many programs are you applying to or planning to apply?
< 10
4 1%
10 - 30
26 8%
31 - 50
46 14%
51 - 80
86 27%
81 - 110
86 27%
69 22%
320 votes

Author83 Posts

I take it back. Now it's up to 89, because I'm stressing out. Did some further research and hopefully these three more will prove to be effective.

Edit: Just thought I'd add this because I think it's sort of funny:

I feel like I need to ask myself the CAGE questions about applying for residency.
Have you tried to cut down on your residency applications?
Are you annoyed when people ask you about your residency application?
Do you feel guilty when you apply for more programs?
Do you ever wish for an eye-opener to get you started in the morning?
Well, if it's a positive one, then yes.


haha i totally understand what you mean spebeeto! It's almost like an addiction applying to programs. Sucks. Hahahaha....goodluck to all of us!


I applied 60 IM, 30 FM


just 20. searching for 10 more....... enough????????????


100 Programs- IM Categorical

(blizkonebe, e'time I see your avatar... makes me go get something to eat grin)


Excellent CAGE, Spebeeto grin

Need more of 'em


doc-keanu: my avatar makes me hungry too...


86 surgery programs.... prelim and categorical. Phew!
It blew a hole in my pockets....rolling eyes


25 Neuro 27 IM preliminary ...

Might not be enough... Thinking about applying for more... remote areas.... neuro is mostly linked to big academic centers no real community setting, meaning less options...

? shaking head Why do I always have to fall in love with something nearly imposible???

PS: I LOVE the CAGE questions... ...getting the eye-opener.... disapproval


36 IM categ.


22 FMP.



hi, how could you guys manage to apply so many? i am a very old img (1995), just because the graduation year itself, i could only manage to apply for 25 im programs. so far 3 rejections. i really hope i can apply more programs to increase my chance if there is. could you guys tell me the list of old img friendly programs? thanks a lot.


71 - all FM


62 pathology


hi everyone...i know i m gettin a bit paranoid abt this but when someone says tht apply on sept they mean 00:00 sept 1 or office timings sept 1(after 8-9 in the morning)...

also...this sept 1,2,3 is a long weekend...does tht mean tht our applications will b transmitted on 4th sept?or will ecfmg be working on the weekend?

2 dumb questions...i know!!


im an imgs
not very good scores
have us lors
and one observership
and currently in research
have applied to 55 psych positions all caegorical( i think we have only categorical in psych)

keeping my fingers crossed, my lors not uploaded as yet? sad


82 IM 30 Surgery




Should we guys, start our own new thread for this year's application....It will be great to see what is this year's trend!!!


90... IM categorical!

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