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 (Poll) How many programs are you applying to?  

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How many programs are you applying to or planning to apply?
< 10
4 1%
10 - 30
26 8%
31 - 50
46 14%
51 - 80
86 27%
81 - 110
86 27%
69 22%
320 votes

Author83 Posts

76( IM +FM)..


how about listing our credentials and number of programs applied to as this will give a better idea...if anyone is interested.

I can start with this post

S1- 83. S2- 89, CS result awaited.
no USCE, 2001 graduate with 1 and a half year UK experience
applied to 103 IM programs and 20 EM programs.


86 total, includes transitional year, preliminary IM, and diagnostic radiology. I'm an american IMG who studied in Europe. No visa needed, but terrible exam scores.

Oh well, maybe of the 85, there will be something.

Edit: I have Steps 1-2 (CK and CS), ECFMG certified, taking Step 3 next week (I'm freaking out a little right now.)..... Worked in US on my summers off

Edited by spebeeto on Sep 13, 2006 - 11:51 AM


spebeeto: where in europe?



In German.

And here I thought I'd look pretty good because I DIDN'T study in English!!!!

raised eyebrow


next door at charles in was in english - well sort off...


Cool, I was in Prague many times (went to school near Leipzig, Germany) -- just 3 hours away. Nice to meet you! smiling face


ah...europe! i miss it...


Around 60 (both IM & FM)...may stretch to 80 !! But sent my doc only yesterday to ecfmg for scanning,so GOD knows!! But I'd prefer to stay in California...IMG from Pakistan,ECFMG certified...step 1 76,step 2 84...step 3 next year.....have a green card,that is,am a permanent resident.....

Best of luck to ALL !!

Take care.



laptop wrote:
To the holy man
great dude..Your avatar indiacates that the small child who used to remind me of a punjabi boy i saw in arizona has grown .So he became wise courtesty of usmle and competition..Good luck mate.

lol.... Good luck to you too.


hi every one need some help for step 1


Applied 38 patho and 45 FM. Gonna go sell plasma at local bank so I don't break the bank!!! I think they should have a system where you can earn points towards prizes like med books or equipment for what it costs to apply. Had to laugh. My brother (engineer) asked how soon do you get reimbursed for airfare to interviews? I laughed and said I will have to take out a 2nd mortgage on my house to cover applications, airfare, rental car, and misc. expenses. If only they (non-med) knew!


blizkonebe wrote:
ah...europe! i miss it...

Absolutely agree. Lived in Stuttgart for three years......still miss it.


bbb wrote:

Absolutely agree. Lived in Stuttgart for three years......still miss it.

I agree too. (bbb, I visited Stuttgart quite a few times while I was there) I miss it very much, but at least I brought a piece of Europe home with me. I married a German. wink


spebeeto: good for you

i married an american - hence the move...


Very nice!! Where are you originally from?


uganda, then the UK, then prague, now virginia...long journey...


Wow! That's wonderful!!!!

grin nod

Good for you! I went to college in VA.... Great place, nice winters, humid summers, but by now, the humidity must have gone down a lot. Ahhhhhh, Virginia. Haven't been there for 13 years.


VA is definately interesting...

i am in williamsburg which is a mix of things...

the humidity nearly took me out last!


84 IM programs so far....

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