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 (Poll) How many programs are you applying to?  

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How many programs are you applying to or planning to apply?
< 10
4 1%
10 - 30
26 8%
31 - 50
46 14%
51 - 80
86 27%
81 - 110
86 27%
69 22%
320 votes

Author83 Posts

Ha, ha! that you mention it...all my programs are pretty cush and tht's scaring the hell out of me ...oh, well ...lets see whats in store for me...keepin' my fingers crossed...have decided to become religiously religious for the next 4-5 months...

Jai Bajrang Bali! wink


I'm in the 30's group... 31 exactly.

Good luck!!! grin


my list of programs that I have already applied to has increased to 90...

still confused wether should apply to Rush Uni IL, and big Uni names which claim that they accept scores of 80 + like Uni Of Missisipi, Uni of Missouri, UCONN, UPenn PA, Michigan St Uni, Thomas Jefferson PA, John Hopkins... I meet their so called criteria but I feel they invite scores above 90..

Any one knows if they ar IMG friendly.... and inviting ppl with scores in 80s???


Have applied to 89 programs... May reach 100 in the next coupla days


to moozy: the truth is that the descent programs do not qoute scores...only problem with these, they do not sponsor visas...

there is no way of have to apply and pray for the best...


To the holy man
great dude..Your avatar indiacates that the small child who used to remind me of a punjabi boy i saw in arizona has grown .So he became wise courtesty of usmle and competition..Good luck mate.


Looks like eras makes all its money from IMGs only.


heheheheh holly man I think so too, you can imagine we are building the american Economy,I am I.M 50-60,hoping for the best


i wonder how can imgs find so many programms only in one speciality,i am struggeling to find more then 50 esp after surfing there web sites and calling to programms.
even if a programm says we have no score requirements and we r equal oppertunity prgramms tht doesnt mean its an img friendly place.
have a look at northwestren list of last three year residents and where did they graduate from and ull have an idea how img friendly it is,despite having average score criteria and wiling to sponsor visa to imgs.
there are many more tht i can quote.


You are right anon... i have now applied to 104 programs in IM and that includes places where I meet criteria and who said that they will accept my UK experience in place of USCE.. ofcourse most of these places might not be IMG friendly but still offer visas.. I am taking my chances and hoping for the best...

I know half of these places might not look at my application... but I am counting on the remaining half which might consider me.. at the end of the day it comes to how much you are willing to pay for possibility of one call....


i hope you get many calls and from places you want.a better option wud be ,not to put all eggs in one basket and apply to 10 progs from a different speciality ,saves money and improves chances of getting tht precious one single call.though i m sticking to one speciality of my choice and doing extensive research before applying.i cant write so many personal statements especilay when i have to make stories tht dont exist ,and dont have background experince to back up tht speciality.i rather prefer spending time on making calls and reading websites then getting rejections just because i didnt match the cretiria or the prog has a history of not taking imgs or many american grads applying there.GOD SPEED.


174 pg

lot of bucks going into....................


50 progs for me


50 IM programs


42 Pathology. Still thinking about prelim/ trans as backup.

any suggestions?


to amygdalaa: stick with will get in...good luck


Thanks blizkonebe.

What specialty have you applied to? Good luck to you too.


66 IM


total 80 progs. 1500$ straight out of pocket.


to amygdalaa: i applied for IM...i considered pathology a lot...

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