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Trinity247 wrote:
hi, I would appreciate if someone can tell me how to post a msg /quotation below ones post.
it may be a silly doubt, but im not much of a computer person. pls help.

for eg:
xxxxxxxxxxxx[your post] and below
"It takes one hour to cut a tree ,but a thousand hours to sharpen the axe."


On the right upper hand side of each post there is a number, in your case it was #60. Click it then comment as usual.


Sorry, i did not understand you correctly the first time. What you are asking about is the "Signature". You do that from your profile page.

Click "Control" from the top of the page.

Then go to "Edit Profile"

Then fill in the "Signature" box.


hey p4a99.... Thankyou so much for your msg... I tried typing in the signature box before but somehow it dint get updated last time I did... funny hmm.. anyways ..thanks so much and GL.


Hello P4a99,
I have posted 8 topics and 379 posts. Yet my title is that of a Forum Newbie.
I suppose my title should be a Forum Elite.
Please clarify.
Thank You.

Edited by calstudent on Mar 18, 2011 - 12:33 AM

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