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With all the due respect , it will be great , if I can combine my old & new name as ... shwe/ShweHope99.9998 as one id, one person, one pm , one credit accumulate all my posts, topics, when you've your old " shwe "[become senior in very short time] name log out [ not my fault, now fix recently, thanks to the admin.] then have to re start from zero level with shwe with long name, explain every where, to all friends that , hey it's me, it's me, I'm the same old shwe, in which have to use "old" word that some thought as negative word as "old".
Also I have lost all my earning point at the start as shwe , by then , I have more time to post .sad

Some of my forum , study friend has lost her credit too eg. Zee has to change, re-enter as aim99 .

The point for me is not the credit is matter , but would be too confusing for my friends, others & me , if now I use, post , pm at both shwe id, one with short name, one with long name .grin

Just my 2 cents, if can fix, that will be great, if not , I will go forward & use shwe with long name, instead of go back ward to old shwe.

Thank you.
Have a good day all .smiling face


Formula for calculating ranks changed to:

- posts x 1
- topics x 2
- resources x 10
- articles x 50

We are not tracking the online total time any more.




well, that means I'm not a forum hero any longer, now I'm a forum fanatic only. just like real life, unpredictable.


chemamr wrote:

well, that means I'm not a forum hero any longer, now I'm a forum fanatic only. just like real life, unpredictable.

gringrin But Honestly Chemamr U really dont need a Title of Hero u r a Hero to us all anywayznodnod


with me spending my hours here in the forum since my exam 4 days ago, i should be a hero by now... dont take away the time credits! that's my only chance of climbing up this ladder!



We are not tracking the online total time any more (why?)


because that's what our administrator decided. cool


because that's what our administrator decided (why?)shaking head


grin, let our administrator to explain it


then ill wait for Mr. administrator !


Ohhh... maybe this change in ranking is the reason I have no title... am i nothing? a nobody who deserves no title? newbie, junior, senoir, elite, etc... how i long for a title... if only i had a title... then i could be a real prep4usmlerrrrrr...


I think prep4usmle was going to reset the ranks one of these days, with the new formula.



thats weird !!! your the first one that i see without any titlegrin cool your unique not like us ! wink



It is too server intensive to calculate the number of hours for every member. Also it might not be accurate.

CocaCola, you have a title now, I'm not sure why you did not have one.



oh boy!
didn't consider my uniqueness... thank you praying4a99... i wish i had not mentioned my "non-title" title... how i long to be unique again!


Quickest way to get your own custom title is to become a premium member.
You'd be the first!



Thank you for the clarification...

Edited by praying4a99 on May 22, 2007 - 11:50 AM


Excuse me ... isnt it supposed to be : post*1 and topic*2 ?

that means my rank should be something over 200 but unfortunantly my rating is only 110 shocked !

is there a problem or the rating is something else other than the rank thing? because i realized this same thing with other members i.e. alot of posts but much lower rating ...

thanks ...


Tried to regenerate counters but it got stuck few times. Waiting to see if iPrep will be active. If not will have to change the rankings again so I"ll regenerate counters next month. I usually takes few days and it is server intensive.

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