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 defense mech  

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Sublimation, Projection, Denial, Splitting, Reaction formation, Acting out, Undoing, Blocking, Regression, Somatization, Introjection/Identification, Displacement, Repression, Suppression, Intellectualization, Isolation, Rationalization, Humor

Use the above defense mech to match the following statements once or more than once or not at all

1) I know I do not have cancer
2) Resident physician dresses like attending
3) I would rather forget that my dog was runover by a car
4) I cant seem to remember his name
5) Ever since my divorce, my 7 yr old starts wetting his bed'
6) Morning staff is much better than evening staff
7) I am sure my wife is cheating on me
8) It is interesting to mote specific skin lesions which seem to arise as consequence of my end stage disease
9) I dont remember having a dog
10) As she arrived to station to identify the body, she showed no emotion
11)Listen to him tell his family he is not afraid, when i saw him crying
12) I cant explain why he has those temper tantrums
13) I need to wash my hands whenever i have these thoughts
14) Only conscious defense mechanism
15) Just thinking of the exam, i get butterflies in my stomach
16) Jack the Ripper becomes a surgeon
17) I did not pass the test because it was difficult
18) I have to get rid of my dog because my husband kicked it everytime we had an argument
19)Most immature defense mechanism
20) Most mature defense mechanism
21) Depressed elderly gets aches & pains all over
22) Associated with borderline personality
23) Associated with paranoid personality
24) Conscious forgetting
25) Unconscious forgetting


1- denial 13 undoing 21 somatiz
2- identification 14 supression 22 splitting
3- supression 15 somatiz 23 projec
4- blocking 16 Sublimation 24 supress
5- regresion 17 rationaliz 25 repress
6- splitting 18 displacement
7- project 19 regression
8- Intelectualiz 20 sublimation
9- repesion
10- Isolation
11- react formation
12- acting out


correct u got them all right grin


can someone pls explain to me why Q3)is supression and not repression
Q9)y is it repression?can it not be denial.

pls explain.i think i m getting the whole concept of repression and supression wrong.

in kaplan under REaction formation is the example of - a teenage boy intrigued by dirty pictures organises an antipornography campaign.

y cant this be sublimation or altruism?

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