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 Open-ended questions only?  

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When you ask the SP to describe the pain does it have to be open-ended or can you state the following: Is the pain dull, sharp, crampy,etc.? Or can you only ask to describe the pain?

I heard you can only ask open-ended questions.


i think u shud try and use open ended question to describe the pain, because leading questions shud be kept to minimum


This is the part I find the most confusing in the test. Thank you.


You can use close-ended questions if the patient is evasive. You ask an open-ended question first: "Could you describe the pain?" and if the patient says no, or asks "What do you mean by that?" etc, then it is perfectly acceptable to ask a close-ended question like "Is the pain dull, sharp etc?"

Also, with a talkative patient you might be forced to ask some close-ended questions if you want to finish in 15 min. Just make sure you aknowledge what the patient was talking about. Say something like "I understand that this problem is very important/upsetting/bothering for you but right now let's focus on your back pain ...." Then you may ask some close-ended questions so the patient won't start to talk again about other things. GL with your exam.

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claudia_i once again thank you for clearing this for me. Specially this part. In my internship we were taught to do the interview a little bit different then what is require for this test. Therefore some of the confusion. Thank you and good luck in your residency.


close-ended questions are:
Are you feeling better today?
May I use the bathroom?
Is the prime rib a special tonight?
Did that man walk by the house before?
Can I help you with that?
May I please have a bite of that pie?
Would you like to go to the movies tonight?
Is math your favorite subject?
Does four plus four equal eight?
Is that haunted house really scary?
Will you be going to Grandmother's house for Christmas?
Did Dad make the cake today?
Is there a Mass being held at noon?


lol...focus on open ended qs..tell me more about ur pain/headache/dizziness if pateint wont mention anything which u r looking for ask it specifically

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