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The mother comes with the daughter and after long and very persuasive,reasonable explanation outside of the room where daughter waits she requests from you that you do toxicology screen on her daughter. her daughter supposed to not know about it. what do you do next?


can you pls give more info, like what is the age of the daughter.

but i think for substance abuse the children are legally allowed to get consultation on their own so i guess yu should not do the toxicology screen. this is called partial emancipation.


Daughter is 15 or 16 yo. One of the answers is that you can agree for the test but you will tell the daughter about it. Another you agree if the daughter agree. then you don't agree to do the test, because of patient confidentiality. then you do the test if mother will telll the daughter about it. there were a couple more responces.

I am not sure about the rule by which I can answer similar q. On the other hand when mother asks for cholesterol test I have to do that,but still iI should inform the teenage patient.

Anybody can help? please!!


Agree to do and tell the daughter about it.


achilles is right.
you agree if the daughter agree is correct


right srf. and the answer is - you agree if the daughter agrees and if the daughter says not to tell to her mother, you cant disclose the results to her mother.

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